Tightvac - Minivac Storage Container

Tightvac - Minivac Storage Container

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Info: 28g / 0.12L Capacity; Available in Several Colours

These (coat) pocket-sized containers are perfect for carrying your daily dose of vitamins, supplements or other small items while you're on the go. They are part of the lightweight, easy-to-use line of containers made from BPA-free plastic which expel the air out when you put the cap on, and keep it out, to help keep items fresh and dry, and/or protect them from oxidization.

Product Notes:

Tightvac containers are a durable, lightweight, and sustainable storage option.

The Minivac containers are cylindrical in shape, 2-1/4 inches in diameter, and a touch over 2-3/4" high with the lid on.

These colour options are all transparent, to some degree, except for the black and yellow one.

The Minivac can be used to take supplements or other items you want travel-sized protection for with you (whether in your purse, gym bag, car, or coat pocket); or to hold a blend of your favourite spices when you go camping; or for storing jewelry or other at items at home (to prevent tarnishing). These durable containers work well wherever you use them.

To use, simply press the button on the caps to release the seal and pull the cap off; fill the container as desired; then press the button on the cap again when you position it into place to force out the extra air and make a seal.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash only.
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