Swissmar - Swissessentials Can Opener

Swissmar - Swissessentials Can Opener

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This is an extremely easy to use, durable and attractive kitchen helper. Once you try it, there's no going back to sharp edges or clunky electric devices that take up valuable space in your kitchen. This under-the-rim can opener by Swissmar is exceedingly safe and hygienic: it cuts the seamed lid from the side of the can and thus not only doesn't come into contact with the contents, but also does not produce sharp edges, and even prevents the lid from falling into the can. This also has the virtue of creating a reusable smooth edge that can turn your opened can into a temporary storage container: perfect for storing unused portions for a short time.

Product Notes:

Patented Swiss design. 19 cm / 7.5 inches long. Ergonomically-designed handle with comfortable grip made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel for the blade and fluid turning mechanism which make contact with the can. Can be hung on a hook, from the loop on the end. Gift Boxed.

Suggested Usage:

Orient the can opener just to the top right of the can as with conventional manual openers, overhanging its steel rail and turning wheel over the rim. Turn the rotary handle forwards / clockwise / away from you, to open the can. To disengage, turn the handle backwards. Lift off the lid vertically, once you've turned the can completely around - either with the can opener itself (if you haven't disengaged it by turning backwards), or with your fingers. The lid can be retained to put back on the can to keep the leftovers for a while.

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