Lucky Line File-A-Key Letter Size - Holds 14 Units, Black w/Assorted Colored Tags, 1 Pack (60800)

Lucky Line File-A-Key Letter Size - Holds 14 Units, Black w/Assorted Colored Tags, 1 Pack (60800)

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FILE AND ORGANIZE your keys with this organizer that hangs in a standard letter filing cabinet or mobile filing box
HOLDS 14 sets of keys that snap into the key organizer and hang securely in place
COLORFUL KEY TAGS included for color-coding, identifying and labeling keys
EASILY snap and unsnap keys from file organizer with the included snaps
BLANK LABELS AND TAGS included for labeling and identifying all 14 sets of keys

The Lucky Line File-A-Key is an innovative and efficient key storage and organization solution for those looking for a simple organization system. The File-A-Key is meant to be stored neatly in a standard letter filing cabinet or a mobile file box. Like a simple file or binder insert, this key organizer slips into the filing container and hangs inside. The keys are securely snapped into the filing base and can be easily unsnapped to be removed. The keys hang in the base with the labels for easy and effective storage. It allows you to easily see each key and its label for quick identification. Included in this kit are colorful key tags great for color-coding, organizing, and labeling keys. The tags come with blank labels that can be written on or printed on. You can find label templates on the Lucky Line website, Great for large offices, property owners, car rental management, and other industries. The File-A-Key is an easy and organized means of tracking multiple keys. The colorful tags are made of durable plastic that will not break or crack over time. Each tag comes with a 3/4-inch overlapping key ring to prevent the keys from getting lost and securely attaches the label to the keys. The File-A-Key is proudly made in the USA. Lucky Line Products guarantees the highest quality products that promise to deliver satisfactory results. We have been manufacturing products since 1961 and we continue to develop new products and provide exceptional service every day.

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