Donxote Lunch Bento Box Leak-Proof Sealing Food Container - 4 Compartments With a Spoon - BPA-free Microwave-Safe Boxes (Green)

Donxote Lunch Bento Box Leak-Proof Sealing Food Container - 4 Compartments With a Spoon - BPA-free Microwave-Safe Boxes (Green)

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Prepared food done put refrigerator storage want eat lunch box microwave oven heat are going clean just need dishwasher yes it's easy saves lot valuable time

Consumers pay more attention health diet unqualified lunch boxes contain chemicals cause potential harm human body which issue ignored donxote bento box made high quality plastic tpr material sealing ring with containers built-in spoon fda approved hygienic safe harmless please hesitate choose

Donxote bento box designed with overall leak-proof function solve problem food infiltration channeling taste without fear affecting appearance because penetration juice prepare will soup risotto pizza sandwiches meat delicacies fruit salads pasta vegetables away those boring lack nutrition nutritious healthy foods yourself loved ones children

Note our product may suitable children independently more big adults rsquo better little with parents companying are energetic ignored

Get tired using zip lock bags clunky glass containers mismatched plastic search come across our bento box have confidence won't hesitate moment find because this stylish lunch has separate compartments each container leak-proof itself don't need worry about any leaks spills different food contained all-in-one being environment-friendly odor-free toxic-free made grade silicone awesome time-saver micro-waved dish-washed besides store put freezer user-friendly both adults kids most importantly perfect children eat school philosophy benefits eco-friendly boxes keeps whole family healthy excited home out with enjoy fresh meals without too much hassle saves money control diet well-balanced way make yourself must cheaper more nutritious than offered restaurants reduces chances non-environmental reusability thus helps protect environment instructions warm tips due design lid bit hard close patient every time follow please lay all grooves horizontally sure neat state before packing suitable barbecue function just micro-wave less minutes micro-waving fill high water product may under ages

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