Multi-Purpose Smart Funnel

Multi-Purpose Smart Funnel

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Info: Grey-Coloured Dual-Clamped Filter

Smart Funnel in use

Reduce waste. Save money. Funnels are indispensable for transferring either liquids or powders from bulkier containers to smaller serving or storage containers. But have you ever found it simply takes too much time (thick or cold liquids, or flow-restricted bottles), or have you ever needed another set of hands to hold the funnel in place while you wrestled with the heavier bottle or bag? The Smart Funnel solves both problems. It has spring-loaded clamps both at the bottom for the receiving vessel, and above for the 'donor' source, making it easier to buy and use products in bulk.

Product Notes:

The Smart Funnel is developed by Cumberland Concepts.

* Dishwasher safe
* Smart Funnel works with wide variety of sizes and shapes of bags and bottles

The unit is made of sturdy ABS plastic, except for the stainless steel springs; with a half-inch diameter opening at the bottom; a nearly 2" diameter opening at top; and the two clamps' jaws can open up to grip bottlenecks up to about 1-3/4 inches in diameter.

Suggested Usage:

1) Quickly pour with it: Simply place the funnel into the neck of receiving container, clamp it on, swing the top clip away, and pour whatever contents you want in.

2) Let it drain the last drops from very slowly dripping fluids: for a hands-free transfer of the remaining vestiges of ketchup, honey, syrup, shampoo, conditioner, or hand lotion bottles, for example, simply place the funnel into the neck of receiving container and clamp it on there; place the bottle to be drained into the funnel, and clamp the top clip onto it; and let gravity do the work, and let it be for hours, if you like.

3) Use it as a storage stand, especially for bottles with slow to drain contents (such as lawn mower oil): tightly seal the lid of the chosen container, turn it upside down and position it into the funnel, and clip it in, where it can remain, ready to use.

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