Duralex 75mm Lys Round Stacking Glass Food Serving Bowl

Duralex 75mm Lys Round Stacking Glass Food Serving Bowl

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Construct your complete kitchen food storage container collection from the highest quality materials and continental craftsmanship with the Duralex Lys range of Round Stacking Glass Food Serving Bowls.

The durability of these bowls are matched perfectly by their practicality - 100% safe for use in the Dishwasher, Freezer and even the Microwave. A thermal shock rating of 130℃ allows you to swap immediately between the three with confidence - perfect for defrosting / reheating and flash freezing alike.

Coming in a wide range of sizes, from 6cm all the way up to 31cm in diameter, each of these dishes has been made in France from fully-tempered glass - proven to be more than twice the strength of regular annealed equivalents. Duralex glass is also BPA-free and completely non-porous, eliminating the risk of the glass tainting your food and food staining the glass.

As if that wasn’t enough, the shape of these bowls allows them to be stacked inside one another, resulting in significant savings on storage space when not in use.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen food storage game with the very best combination of strength, usability and durability, the Lys range of Round Stacking Glass Food Serving Bowls from French glassware specialists Duralex ticks all the boxes. Shop the range today.


Features and Benefits:

Tempered Glass Construction – The highest level of strength and durability

Thermal Shock Resistant – Transfer straight from the freezer to the microwave

Dishwasher, Freezer & Microwave Safe – Use for cooking, storing and serving dishes

Safety Glass – Bursts into blunt, non-cutting pieces if broken

BPA-Free and Non-Porous – Glass won’t taint / compromise food; food won’t stain glass


Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Height: 31mm
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