Davis LightCap 300 Solar Lantern/Water Bottle - Red

Davis LightCap 300 Solar Lantern/Water Bottle - Red

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LightCap 300 is a solar lantern and BPA-free water bottle that can also be used as a waterproof storage container. The bottle holds 32 ounces (.94 liters) and is dishwasher safe. The cap features a solar cell that accepts and stores a charge for nighttime use. Four bright white LEDs provide enough illumination to read by and a single, red LED makes for a great night light that is popular with the kids. Automatic light sensor is built in to allow for daytime charging. The 3 inch (76 mm) cap is red.

Solar lantern and water bottle

BPA-free and bottle is dishwasher safe

Holds 32 ounces (.94 liters)

Automatic light sensor turns the cap off in daylight for maximum battery charging for up to 15 hours of light

Waterproof storage for important items and it floats

Wide 3 inch (76 mm) mouth is easy to clean

Great for camping, boating or keeping in your emergency kit


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