Bluapple - Food Fresheners or Refill Kit

Bluapple - Food Fresheners or Refill Kit

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Info: Pick 2 Full Bluapples, or Annual Refill Kit

Using the sodium permanganate in natural Zeolite (ancient volcanic ash), Bluapple oxidizes ethylene gas to keep it away from your produce. And when the replaceable absorptive packet has reached its maximum absorbance capacity -- which takes about three months -- you can simply recycle the contents by using it as fertilizer on your houseplants.

Product Notes:

More effective than "green" plastic bags which promise the same effects but can only contain a small amount of absorptive or neutralizing material, Bluapple is also more environmentally friendly, reducing the use and disposal of numerous plastic bags.

Ethylene gas is an important part of many fruits or vegetables' life-cycle, and is released in order to induce ripening. However, when they are ripe, the ethelyne gas continues to affect them, producing spoilage and decay, and resulting in rotten produce that is no longer usable. Shipping companies have long known the secret of avoiding this, and use materials that absorb or neutralize ethelyne to keep the ripening in stasis until it reaches the consumer. However, once the fruits or vegetables are brought home, they will ripen and then spoil. Bluapple enables you to bring this preservative technology home to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

Safe, non-toxic, organic, and recyclable.

Bluapple Food Freshener (2 pack): includes 2 produce-freshening units per package; UPC: 649241879039.

Bluapple one year refill kit, provides twelve months' worth of refills for two Bluapple units; UPC: 649241879046.

(Blueapple is not the actual name of the company or product, as one might expect if you heard about it, and rest assured, no blue apples are actually in it: it's just what they look like.)

Suggested Usage:

Use for effective ethylene gas absorption in a typical home refrigerator produce bin or storage container. Bluapple works best in an enclosed space, such as a refrigerator crisper, a covered bowl, or paper bag. Nearby sources of combustion that produce ethylene gas (such as natural gas stoves) reduce product's effectiveness.

Replace absorptive package every three months. Open the Bluapple by squeezing it firmly along the center seam.

Remove the used packet and either discard it, or open the old packet and add its contents to your houseplants - it makes a great fertilizer agent!

Place a new packet in Bluapple and snap together. That's it!

Be sure to keep the other unused new packets sealed in the original packaging or in an airtight container to keep them fully potent. As long as they are kept in an airtight container, they will last indefinitely and do not have an expiration date.

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