2 Pack: PressDome Airtight Food Storage Container - Ships Same/Next Day!

2 Pack: PressDome Airtight Food Storage Container - Ships Same/Next Day!

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 We love the PressDome. Storage containers can be a hassle, and plastic or aluminum foil create a wasteful mess. Quit wasting food and be amazed at how fresh left overs are going to be with the PressDome!

At 10" in diameter, PressDome is perfect for sealing plates, bowls, and skillets. This makes them perfect to keep food fresh in the fridge or transporting food to parties, picnics, and potlucks. 

Keeping food fresh up to 3x longer, these are even ideal to prepare meals in advance for the week especially since they're easy to stack and store! They even have a date dial on top; no more worrying about when those left overs were placed in the fridge!

Just a little note: The date dial is the little arrow on top of the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump itself does not turn or twist in any way.

How it Works:
For an Airtight Seal, place the PressDome over food on any smooth surface. There is no need to press the built-in vacuum pump.

For a Vacuum Seal, press the vacuum pump to seal the PressDome into place about 1 inch. 

When it's time to open it, simply pull up on the vacuum pump and remove the lid no matter what method you chose to use. 

Not only are these domes BPA free, but they are also refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Features and Benefits
- Quickly stores left overs without mess or frustration
- Creates an airtight seal to keep food warm and ready
- Creates a vaccum tight seal tp keep food fresher longer
- Two 10" PressDomes: perfect for multiple dish options
- Keeps food fresh 3x longer: eliminate waste so easily!
- Includes date dial as a reminder of when the food was made
- Stackable for easy storage
- BPA Free
- Refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher safe (top rack only)

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