1.3L Apple Food Container Pail Food Bowl Rice bowl Insulation Food Box Thermal Food Storage Container Insulation Bento Box

1.3L Apple Food Container Pail Food Bowl Rice bowl Insulation Food Box Thermal Food Storage Container Insulation Bento Box

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Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality Insulation box Name:stailess steel double layer Apple food box Brand:xingcai Style: with cover,with 2 layer, Material:304 stainless steel Feature:can keep warm 3H above Capacity:0.8L/1L/1.3L  Pattern: Apple  Color: stailess steel  Size about: 11.3*13.5cm/12.5*14.8cm/13.5x16.7cm  Weight about: 409g/475g/610g    Package included:      1X apple lunch box
Xing Choi genuine, intentions to do stainless steel kitchen utensils.
This thermal insulation lunch box is made of high grade high density stainless steel, the thickness of each layer of white steel substrate is up to 5mm, similar products in the same capacity, our lunch box weight to slightly heavier than others, because even now raw material prices, but we in the production never steal industry and trade cut material. Lunch boxes are used fine grinding polishing processing, smooth no edge, before they leave the factory with a special high-temperature sterilization, no heavy metal pollution, parents can rest assured that the use of (but metal product, before use, still need to have a good cleaning oh). We of this product, metallic luster bright clear reflection, network on some poor quality products looks a dull surface polishing rough, materials and thin, so cost is different, please care quality Pro assured order in the shop.
Xing Choi engaged in stainless steel products has 27 years, if we do not pass the quality, then the network on other similar products will only be more dare to compliment. Because professional, so more confident.
If you have any questions please contact our customer service, customer service, we will try our best to help you solve the /~~ satisfaction (^_^)
Some problems - buyers concerned:
- on sealing performance: This product is not encrypted seal ring, so in the use of full of food to keep upright of the lunch box, not upside down or put down place, in order to avoid leakage of liquid foods. Some customers can not help but ask, why not the design of the seal ring will not leak into the inverted? In fact, we have considered, however, and the sealing ring is not scientific, when packed lunch the very hot food and tighten the lid, after several hours, lunch box temperature will be reduced, the air pressure is reduced, so that the outside atmospheric pressure will cause the lid cannot be opened.
Note - the prohibition of direct heating on the stove. - when cleaning, do not use the dishwasher cleaning. Steel ball and other chemical solution - do not (strong corrosive) scrub. Do not use - insulated containers near the fire. - please handle with care, not inverted, extrusion, impact, to avoid deformation of the container sag, reduce the insulation performance. The placement of ice ice, do not will exceed the size of the opening part of the container is forcibly pressed into the container. - not a long time (1 days) in the container holding tea, juice and dairy products, to prevent deterioration, odor. - please always check the vacuum bottle, cup plug. If the plug is broken or worn, should be replaced immediately. To avoid the leakage of hot water burns. - in hot water, do not exceed the vacuum bottle, cup plug bottom, avoid scalding hot water overflow. Do not let the child contact - insulated containers containing hot water or other foods, to avoid scalding. Carbonated drinks - do not. To avoid opening the container plug, the liquid will be with the gas out, dirty clothes, etc..
Warranty commitment on vacuum insulation series products (applicable scope: three months of receipt of goods) 1, receive the goods within 30 days of products as a result of quality problems, Baotuibaohuan to return freight borne by us; the quality problem of returned goods, in accordance with the rules of Taobao, sellers wrap post the products return shipping by the buyer, seller does not include post products, the buyers shall pay back to the replacement of a round-trip freight. 2, 30 days after receipt of the goods within 90 days to find the problem (whether it is product quality problems or non quality problems), such as the need for the company\'s maintenance, the delivery of one-way freight by the buyer, issued by the company.


Dinnerware Type: Dinnerware Sets
Certification: CIQ
Certification: CE / EU
Certification: FDA
Technique: Pigmented
Number of Users: 2
Model Number: XC88883 monbento
Production: Separate Products
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Feature: Stocked
Pattern Type: Solid
Brand Name: ZDZDZ
Material: Metal
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Style: Korean
Dinnerware Type: Dinnerware Sets
Apple insulation vacuum : lunch box
monbento Model: XC88883
monbento Capacity: 0.8L/1L/1.3L
Texture of material: Stainless steel
The number of layer: 2 layer
Color: sliver
monbento Users: Stainless Steel Bento box
Faction: thermos box
Factions: thermos food container
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