Where to Find Gluten Free in Paris

 So you’re headed to Paris? You’ll need to know where to find gluten free in Paris, but how?

I’ll show you how to find gluten free restaurants near you, in real time. This article on eating gluten free in Paris wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t also share the best dedicated gluten free bakeries in Paris, several delicious 100% gluten free restaurants in Paris, and tips for finding and ordering gluten free in other Parisian restaurants. I also cover gluten free in Versailles, gluten free crêperies in Paris and answer the age-old question: are macarons gluten free? I also give you some homemade gluten free French recipes to bring your trip to Paris home with you!

gluten free restaurant Paris |gfJules

Lots of articles will list the best gluten free bakeries in Paris, but few will detail how to find real gluten free food options, as gluten free restaurants in Paris can be trickier to locate. You also need to make sure the articles you’re reading aren’t outdated, since restaurants can come and go, as can their gluten free menu items.

On my gluten free trip to Paris, I found it most helpful to learn how to locate gluten free restaurants for myself, as many peoples’ suggestions were outdated and often the gluten free restaurants they recommended were closed or nowhere near where I was staying or visiting – Paris is a huge city! In this post, I’ll show you how you can find safe gluten free food in Paris with updated options near you, wherever you may be!

Paris map

One more important point about visiting Paris if you’re gluten free. You’ve probably read that Paris is only good for gluten free sweets and bakeries. Not true. I’ll help you find plenty of real gluten free food on your trip to Paris! So dive in, bookmark this page, and get excited to find gluten free food in Paris!

How to Find Gluten Free Food In Paris

Before my recent trip to Paris, I read all the posts, bookmarked all the articles and made lists of all the top gluten free places to visit while I was there. But once I arrived in Paris, I realized that not only were several of those restaurants no longer open or not serving gluten free items any longer, many had odd hours which didn’t correspond to our travel schedule and most were not conveniently located near where we were staying or site-seeing.

Paris-42 (2)-2 Baton Mouche | gfJules
Eating gluten free on a Bateau Mouche on the River Seine.

No one wants to visit Paris and have their dietary restrictions dictate their trip or restrict their opportunity for seeing the world-class city and all its sites, so instead, we planned our trip and I found gluten free places to eat around those locations each day. 

Thus, I ended up striking out on my own and starting my research from scratch each day while in Paris, depending on our current location. The best tool I found for locating gluten free restaurants near me in Paris was Google Maps. Not Google, but Google MAPS. Not Apple Maps, but GOOGLE MAPS.

Trust me, this little tip makes all the difference in the world, as Google Maps searches google for reviews using the key words you’re looking for and pulls those reviews into the search results as well, yielding far more results than any other search engine I used AND it found what was close to me when I needed to find gluten free food in Paris. Invaluable!

Here’s an example of my search using Google Maps in Paris: “gluten free near me”

Gluten Free Near Me in Paris - google maps

I repeated this experiment using multiple search engines (Siri, Chrome, Apple Maps, Google Maps) and without fail, Google Maps found gluten free restaurants the other search engines did not. The added bonus here is that if you perform this search yourself while you’re in Paris, the restaurant information won’t be outdated.

gluten free google maps La Petite Bouclerie

Expand the view and you can see more information about specific restaurants; tap on one and you’ll see the hours and how far away it is from your current location. This tool was a lifesaver for us in finding gluten free food nearby in Paris, and allowed us to sightsee and find gluten free food while doing so, rather than having to structure our sightseeing around finding gluten free food.

Then use any map app to get walking directions to see how far you are from a particular gluten free restaurant to see if it’s going to fit into your plans.

walking directions gluten free restaurant paris

In doing so, I also found many gluten free restaurants and other restaurants offering gluten free menu items which I had never seen mentioned in any articles I’d read about gluten free food in Paris. Goldmine!

Gluten Free Restaurants in Paris

Using the Google Maps feature, I was able to locate delicious and safe gluten free food near me in Paris each day we were there. Of course, there are legendary gluten free restaurants I wanted to patronize if we were close enough to make it work, but I didn’t intend to plan my trip around long journeys to those restaurants if I didn’t have to do so.

When we were unable to dine in a dedicated gluten free restaurant or one with a specific gluten free menu, I had no troubles explaining my needs to the wait staff at other restaurants and receiving safe meals – a Salade Niçoise on one occasion and a tofu curry dish on another.

Restaurant in Montmartre where I found gluten-free meal
This non-gluten-free restaurant in Montmartre served me a delicious gluten-free meal of curried tofu and veggies!

Be sure to check the hours of each restaurant before traveling to dine there, as many closed quite early or had odd hours (many close at 2 or 3 pm, for example). If there is a particular dedicated gluten free bakery or restaurant you want to be sure not to miss, go early in the day.

gluten free salad nicoise paris | gfJules


Also, as many restaurants are not dedicated gluten-free, take these notes under advisement and only dine there if you feel comfortable after asking all the necessary questions and relating your needs to your server or to a manager.

And if all else fails, grab a handful of macarons (they’re gluten-free!) from a French Macaron stand and call it lunch!

gluten free macarons for lunch!

Ordering Gluten Free at Restaurants in Paris

These French Gluten Free Cards (also translated into other languages like German and Spanish) are super helpful to carry with you and hand to the waiter at any restaurant. Go here for a printable French Gluten Free Card to take with you on your trip!

gfJules gluten free restaurant cards.jpg
click for front and back downloadable versions of these cook cards.

Or simply tell your waiter: “Je dois manger sans gluten.” (I must eat gluten free) or “Je ne peux pas manger de gluten.” (I cannot eat gluten) And, if relevant, “J’ai la maladie coeliaque.” (I have celiac disease).

Finding Gluten Free Restaurants in Paris

When looking at addresses in Paris, note the code after each street address; the last two digits denote the “arrondissement” or ward/district/precinct/municipality. This will get you in the right area to see if the gluten free restaurant you’ve found is close to where you are.

Paris is divided into twenty (actually now 17) arrondissements; each is known for certain attributes or landmarks and each has its own sub-governing bodies. They are useful when navigating the city, for geographical reference.

The Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Paris

While not all of these Parisian restaurants are 100% gluten free, each offers gluten free foods, a gluten free menu or are dedicated gluten free, as noted. One interesting note: most of the dedicated gluten-free restaurants in Paris seem to have an Italian flair.

Su Misura Paris menu | gfJules

Su Misura

22 Av. Rapp 75007

Open daily.

This delightful Italian trattoria located within an easy walk of the Eiffel Tower is nearly 100% gluten free. The only menu items containing gluten are the pizzas. They are plainly called out on the menu as “avec gluten” (with gluten) while everything else on the menu – including the free bread placed on the table – is “sans gluten” (without gluten).

Su Misura Paris gluten free bread | gfJules

I ordered gluten-free Gnocchis de Pommes de Terre à L a Truffe Noire (potato gnocchi with black truffles) and it was fantastic. The seeded gluten free bread for the table was flavorful, dipped in oil and balsamic vinegar, and the whole experience was a treat! Absolutely the best meal I had in Paris.


Tasca Bio Gluten Free

46 Avenue de Suffren 75015 (near Champ de Mars)

Italian, organic and 100% gluten-free restaurant with vegetarian options and pizza! Gluten free pastas of all kinds, risotto, focaccia and desserts like tiramisu, all gluten free.

Little Nonna Paris

Little Nonna

12 Av. Niel 75017

Open daily.

Dedicated gluten free and Italian restaurant with pasta, pizza and dessert. House-made menu with organic ingredients and traditional Italian recipes. Offers gluten free beer, as well.

Kapunka Gluten Free Paris | gfJules

Kapunka Cantine Thai Sans Gluten

51 rue Saint-Sauveur 75002

Open daily.

This dedicated gluten free hidden gem happened to be located within an easy walk of our hotel in the 2nd arrondissement. It also had plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. While the pad Thai wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, I am somewhat of a pad Thai connoisseur, so I wouldn’t blame them for not spicing it up the way I prefer.

Kapunka Gluten Free Paris meal | gfJules

It was nice to have a gluten free and vegan dessert option, so of course I indulged in the petit pot au choco, which was something like a chocolate mousse and was quite good.

Everything on the menu was gluten free; vegan items were written in green and items with meat were called out in bold.


Imagine Café Paris

105 rue Caulaincourt 75018

Open daily.

Natural food, sugar-free and all gluten-free. Offering daily specials and juices, coffees, bowls, toast, raw spaghetti, vegetarian wraps, fries and soups.


Mon Resto Sans Gluten

77 Rue Saint Maur 75011

Closed Saturday and Monday.

100% gluten free restaurant also offering low FODMAP foods and vegan options.


noglu Paris


15 rue Basfrol 75011 (11 arr.) & Laboratoire de Production

69 rue de Grenelle 75007 (7th arr.)

62 rue de Vaugirard 75006 (Le Pont Traversé 6th arr.)

Open daily.

All 100% gluten-free. Menus vary by location, but the coffee shops serve everything from breakfast items to lunch sandwiches and extensive desserts (cakes, tartes, donuts, flan …) with lactose-free and vegan options. The Pâtisserie offers eclairs, macarons, tartes, cakes, brownies, donuts, cookies and pancakes. The Boulangerie offers classics like baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolate, brioche, madeleines, croquettes, scones and other breads. 

There is another Noglu location in NYC open daily as well: 1260 Madison Ave 10128


Mimi Cave à Manger

105 rue du Cherche-Midi 75006

Closed Sunday and Monday.

High-end Italian, gluten-free and house-made pastas, risotto, soups and cheese dishes as well as desserts like tiramisu.

Copains gluten free bakery Paris | gfJules


60 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002

Delightful 100% gluten free bakery, boulangerie, pâtisserie with some vegan options. The staff is super engaging and happy to help, giving a full tour of all the offerings to most anyone who enters.

Copains gluten free bakery Paris bread | gfJules

We sampled several different pastries and enjoyed them throughout the day. I only wish I could have gone back for more the next day, as, in true French pastry fashion, these were best enjoyed fresh the day they were purchased.

Copains gluten free bakery Paris takeout | gfJules
Enjoying our Copains gluten free pastries after a long day at the Louvre!

Corso Kléber

79 rue de Kléber, Paris 16

12 quai de la Seine, Paris 19

10 avenue de Trudaine, Paris 9

Open daily

Italian menu with gluten-free pasta options. Not dedicated gluten-free.



60 rue de Paradis 75010 (3rd arr.)

Authentic, organic Italian 100% gluten-free cuisine. House-made pastas, galettes, desserts


La Mia Pizza Paris

19 Rue Mouton-Duvernet 75014 (14th arr.)

Open 7 days.

Dine in or take-out, offering gluten free pizzas as well as vegan cheese and toppings. Call ahead for gluten-free crust to order in advance.



35 Rue Coquillière, 75001

Open Tuesday – Saturday. Japanese, organic, gluten-free, lactose-free with vegan options. Reservations recommended.


Keïli Coffee Shop

106 rue Amelot 75011 Paris

Open Monday-Friday with seasonal salads, curries, smoothies and other drinks and juices. All desserts are gluten free.


Café Mareva République

27 rue de Clignancourt 75018 Open Wednesday – Monday

38 rue du Faubourg-du-Temple 75011 Open Thursday-Tuesday

Gluten-free, lactose free, mostly dairy-free foods.

gluten free creperies paris


Gluten Free Crêperies in Paris

Although most of us think sweet when we think crêpes, don’t overlook the opportunity to get a full meal at a Paris crêperie! Loads of savory options can fill a crêpe, so the only real choice becomes whether you have enough room for two! 

When you return home and are craving crêpes, here’s a homemade gluten free savory crêpes recipe for you, and homemade gluten free sweet crêpes recipe for you, as well! The ones in Paris were all made with buckwheat flour, so I think you’ll find these homemade gluten free crêpes made with my gfJules Flour taste even better!

La Crème de Paris Notre-Dame

4 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009

1 Quai Saint-Michel – Paris 5ème

Waffles or pancakes (gaufre ou galette) or crêpes of the savory or sweet variety, both gluten free and regular. The gluten free options are made with organic buckwheat flour (farine de sarrasin bio). Also available in gluten free: carrot cake, brownie and marble cake! Not dedicated gluten free.


La Petite Bouclerie Paris

La Petite Bouclerie

33 Rue de la harpe, 75005

See hours each day. This crêperie offers gluten-free and regular crêpes of all kinds – savory and sweet. The gluten-free crêpes are buckwheat-based and definitely have a buckwheat flavor, but are tasty, nonetheless. You could easily make a lunch out of one of their savory crêpes filled with potatoes and meats or just go for dessert and champagne! 

La Petite Bouclerie Paris gluten free crepe | gfJules

Close to the Sorbonne and the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookstore on the Rive Gauche (left bank) Seine. Not dedicated gluten free.


Coffee Crêpes

24 Quai du Louvre, 75001

Buckwheat crêpes and waffles offered, along with regular waffles, pancakes and crêpes. Many vegetarian options available. Not dedicated gluten free.


gluten free macarons in Paris

Are Macarons Gluten Free?

Macarons are a classic French cookie made from whipped egg whites (meringues) and ground almonds and/or almond flour, so they have always been naturally gluten free. Rejoice, as there are macaron stands on many a corner throughout Paris.

Always double-check the ingredients (especially if you have other food allergies as well), as most macarons contain dairy, and many contain soy and other tree nuts. Most macaron stands have dairy-free or vegan flavor options, though.

gluten free macaron stand at Roland Garros | gfJules

Ladurée is the most omnipresent storefront, but there are certainly others, with macaron booths in the Louvre, Versailles, the Tour Eiffel and probably just about every other major tourist destination (and in the airport for gluten free snacks on the flight home!).

Ladurée also has a stand-out flagship storefront on the Champs Elysée.

laduree on Champs Elysee

If you’d like to try your hand at making homemade gluten free macarons at home, they’re not difficult to make, but you’ll certainly impress all your friends!

Here’s my gluten free Macaron Recipe!

gluten free macaron-CU-
homemade gluten free macarons (click for recipe)

Les Bateaux Mouches – Cruising the River Seine

The experience of seeing Paris from its heart — the river Seine — is not one to be missed if you have the time. There are hour-long day trips down the Seine to see the landmarks, “lunchbox” cruises (nothing gluten free here), champagne cruises, brunch cruises, and a romantic dinner cruise. I didn’t investigate the brunch cruise, but I imagine there could be some gluten-free options if you inquired; the dinner cruise was remarkably accommodating.

bateaux mouche gluten free meal

There are various packages (including one contemplating a marriage proposal!), and the dinner service varies, but I was able to select 3 courses which all had gluten-free and dairy-free options. The dessert was simply a fruit plate, but it was a nice one. Combined with the live music on-board and the top-notch service, it was a wonderful experience all around.

bateaux mouche gluten free appetizer
Gluten-free, vegan hummus plate on a bateau mouche.

Whether with gluten free food or just a simple river cruise, you need to make time for a trip on a Bateau Mouche! And now you know there are gluten free meal options there, too!

Tour Eiffel at night from Bateaux Mouche


Gluten Free Food in Versailles

Versailles – Pizzaria Cesar

8 Av. du Général de Gaulle 78000 Versailles

Open 7 days

gluten free spaghetti Versailles


Nothing on the menu is “gluten free” except salads … until you ask the waiter! Then they bring you the special gluten free spaghetti — handled separately — and topped with a delicious house-made sauce. The restaurant makes their other pastas and it was clear that the homemade (gluten-full) spaghetti was not the same as what was served to me, so I felt more confident diving into my bowl of delicious pasta. Upon my insistent questioning, the waiter also assured me in French and in English that the gluten-free pasta would be prepared in separate pasta water and with separate utensils.

Positive Deli gluten free Versailles | gfJules


Positive Deli Cuisine du Marché                 

HALLES DU marché Notre Dame, Carré à la Marée, 78000 Versailles

Closed Mondays.

Walk-up deli in the heart of Versailles with vegan and gluten free options.

Cafe Marion Versailles gluten free dinner


Café Marion

3 rue Georges Clemenceau 78000 Versailles

Open 7 days

Nothing overtly gluten free about this restaurant, but easy to order grilled fish and vegetables “sans gluten”.

homemade gluten free croissants with gfJules recipe (photography by R. Mora)

Gluten Free French Recipes

Upon your return, you’ll surely be missing those gluten free baguettes, croissants, crêpes and macarons. Luckily I have recipes for you to make them all at home! Bring your gluten free Paris experience into your kitchen and you’ll feel like you never left (well, sortof)!

Gluten Free Baguettes with gfJules Bread Mix

gfJules gluten free baguette on Words with Boards Seriously Gluten Free Board with Heritage Steel Bread Knife
homemade gluten free baguette

Gluten Free Baguettes from scratch

Gluten Free Crêpes

gluten-free crepes banner

Gluten Free Macarons

Gluten Free Croissants

flaky gluten free croissant
Gluten Free Croissants made with gfJules Flour; Photograph by: R.Mora Photography.

I hope you enjoy your gluten free trip to Paris! If you’d like to know how to find the Best Gluten Free in London, hop to my post on that as well! If your travel takes you through London’s Heathrow Airport, I have loads of gluten free tips for you, too!

Pin this post so you can find and share it when you need to locate the best gluten free restaurants in Paris, how to find gluten free near you, gluten free crêperies and more!

Finding Gluten Free in Paris | gfJules

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