What You Need in a Romantic Relationship, According to Your Venus Sign

Every person has specific traits and qualities they look for and need in a strong, loving, romantic partnership—maybe you want a partner who is also your best friend, or you place the highest value on finding a kind and supportive lover. One way to pinpoint the characteristics in a S.O. most likely to lead to a satisfying bond is through astrology. Looking at your birth chart, in particular your Venus sign, can help you uncover what you need in a romantic relationship.

How your Venus sign influences romantic relationships

When considering what you need in a romantic relationship, it’s important to consider all the placements in your birth chart to account for all the facets of your personality, but your Venus sign, which refers to where Venus was in the sky when you were born, is key here because it’s all about your personality when it comes to love and pleasure. “Venus symbolizes your understanding of love in general because it’s literally the planet that represents what you need and value in a relationship, like how you love other people and how you need to be loved back,” says Alexandria Lettman, astrologer and founder of spiritual-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel.

“Venus symbolizes your understanding of love in general…how you love other people, and how you need to be loved back.”—Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

Depending on your birth chart, you’ll have one of the twelve zodiac signs as your Venus placement. Of course, each zodiac sign is imbued with particular traits due to its element and modality. Depending on a sign’s placement in your birth chart, its mannerisms will appear in that facet of your life. The same case is true here: your Venus placement is defined by the personality of its sign, which mean your habits, desires, and needs in love echo these characteristics.

For example, Scorpio Venuses take on the deep, passionate energy of that sign when it applies to love and lust, while an Aries Venus embodies that trademark fiery spark. Someone with a Venus placement in Cancer will be nurturing in their romantic relationships, while someone with a Venus in Pisces is likely a dreamy romantic eager to give their heart away.

Reading for your Venus sign can help you pinpoint exactly what you need in a romantic relationship. To find your Venus placement, enter your birth details—date, time, and location—into a free natal chart generator. Once you know your Venus placement, read on for star-sanctioned guidance from Lettman and Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of Astrology: An In Focus Workbook: A Guide to Understanding Yourself Through the Sun, Moon, and Stars about what you need in a romantic relationship.

What you need in a romantic relationship, according to your Venus sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.
Because of your zest for life and cardinal fire sign energy, Aries,  you need someone who will keep you activated and on your toes, someone with whom you share a passionate spark and who will keep life exciting and engaging for the long haul. “Aries want partners who will throw themselves headfirst into something and who cares about keeping [the relationship] fresh and adventurous,” says Gailing.


The symbol for the taurus zodiac sign, which resembles a bull.
Taurus, your status as an earth sign means you’re deeply sensual and grounded, and your determination in all things you do means you put this energy into every facet of your life, including your romances. You need a partner who can be the other half of a strong team, and who will return your romance and affection in a way that doesn’t coddle or limit you, says Lettman. Your partner needs to show how much they care for you by “adding structure and value to your life,” she says. “Taurus wants someone who makes them feel really well-rounded and supported, and who will support you loudly and really hold them down,” she says.


The symbol for the gemini zodiac sign, which resembles twins.
As the social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini, you’re enthusiastic and personable. An ever curious air sign, you need a romantic partner who will hold your focus and attention, says Lettman. You need someone who is equally curious and adaptable, and will chat with you. “You want the butterflies to stay around for the duration of the relationship, and you need someone who is going to keep your attention,” she says.


The symbol for the cancer zodiac sign, which resembles a crab.
Cancer, part of how you express your love and affection is through caring for others, so Gailing says you need someone who will readily receive that. However, all this nurturing could have you pouring from an empty cup, so you need a romantic relationship where your other half is equally willing to do the same for you, she says. As the consummate host of the zodiac, it’s not to say you never leave the house, Cancer, or that you don’t like a great time out, but you love a cozy home, and someone who is down to spend the night in hosting a dinner party or curling up on the couch for TV and takeout will go a long way with you. You also require someone who is in tune with their own feelings, and who can handle yours—as a water sign, you’re deeply empathetic and caring, so a partner who can appreciates that and can balance it would be great.


The symbol for the leo zodiac sign, which resembles a lion.
Leo, you love when the spotlight is on you, and that’s no different in your needs for a romantic partner. According to Gailing, what you need in a romantic relationship is someone who will make you feel special and cared for. Think: sweet love notes, flower deliveries when you least expect them, and being wined and dined. But while you do love gifts and grand romantic gestures, what really matters is that your partner recognizes your singular charms—and doesn’t let you forget it. “You’re really poised toward joy and really interested in expressing yourself, so you want to feel really special in your partner’s eyes,” says Gailing. “You want to be in a relationship where the heart is really pronounced.”


The symbol for the virgo zodiac sign, which resembles a maiden.
Virgo, your status as an earth sign means you’re quite grounded in love and life in general. Because of your high level of meticulousness and attention to detail, Gailing says a partner who shares a bit of this with you—but is a little more relaxed—can help you let loose in a good way. “Someone who will add a bit of dreaminess so you’re not so focused on the practical every day would be very sweet,” she says. Bonus points if they share your affinity for nature and can join you on romantic walks and nature outings.


The symbol for the libra zodiac sign, which resembles scales.
You’re social and relationship-oriented, Libra, and you’re curious about others. In terms of what you need in a romantic partnership, says Gailing, you need someone who is willing to engage with you and others and indulge in your curiosities. “A partner who is closed in on themselves will likely be a no-go,” she says. It’s no secret that you do appreciate beauty and the finer things in life, and a partner who will shares in that joy is key for you, too, she says.


The symbol for the scorpio zodiac sign, which resembles a scorpion.
Scorpio, you have a reputation for being brooding and guarded, but also deeply sensual, passionate, and devoted once you deem your partner worthy—blame the emotional depths imparted to you as a water sign. For these reasons, what you need in a romantic relationship is a partner who will be deeply emotional and honest with you, someone who will willingly dive in and match your intense energy. You want a ride or die who will help you come into your full power—very all or nothing energy.

Additionally, you require a romantic partner who can fulfill your need for total intimacy, connection, and depth. You need someone who you actually want to reveal yourself and your secrets to, says Lettman. “You value someone who is able to open up without lies and secrecy,” she says. “You need someone who really understands the importance of un-distracted quality time to pick each others’ minds and really deepen that connection.”


The symbol for the sagittarius zodiac sign, which resembles an arrow to symbolize an archer.
You’re the zodiac’s adventurer, Sagittarius, so it makes sense that you need a romantic partner who shares that same sense of gusto and lust for life. You have a knack for finding excitement and intrigue in the world around you, and Lettman says you need a partner who is capable of matching that energy. “You need a playful relationship, something that makes you feel lifted and on top of the world like you could go anywhere and do anything with this person,” she says. Anyone who will limit you or dampen your enthusiasm and expansion won’t do.

Another key piece of your appetite for adventure has to do with your wisdom and ability to think deeply, so Lettman says you need a partner who can match you there and is willing to ponder all the biggest, thorniest questions alongside you—sometimes for hours on end. “You need someone who you can talk to for ages and just not get bored with,” she adds.


The symbol for the capricorn zodiac sign, which resembles a goat.
You work so hard in all realms of your life, Capricorn, so you need a romantic partner who can allow you to show the softer side of yourself without judgement or fear. According to Lettman, you need someone who is authentic and who can fill in the blanks in the areas you need extra support with, like being emotionally vulnerable. “Capricorn Venus approaches love in a very grounded and practical sense because they’re so strong in themselves, so they need someone who can come into their life and offer support in the areas where they aren’t so strong like opening up emotionally,” she says. Loyalty and fidelity are also paramount to you, and your reputation for practicality is well-earned, so Galiing says you need a partner who ticks these boxes at the same time.


The symbol for the aquarius zodiac sign, which resembles a waterbearer.

You can sometimes feel like a bit of a puzzle, Aquarius, because you care deeply about others, but also greatly value your independence. You adore your friendships and desire a relationship, according to Lettman and Gailing, but your worst nightmare would be a romantic relationship where your independence is taken away or diminished, so you need a partner who respects your need to pull away and follow your own drumbeat when you need to. “You want freedom to work on your important project or to be with your friend, so that space is really important,” says Gailing. An air sign that’s altruistic and humanitarian, you need a partner who can match you intellectually and who supports your visions and desire to work toward a better world—even if you don’t necessarily agree on everything.


The symbol for the pisces zodiac sign, which resembles two fish swimming in opposite directions.

You’re the zodiac’s dreamer, Pisces, and you wear your heart and your many feelings on your sleeve. You love nothing more than being in love. According to Gailing and Lettman, people with this Venus sign want a romantic relationship that resembles what you’d see in a cinema—you want to be part of a grand romance. But while your head and heart are up in the clouds, you need a partner with some grounding who can make sure you keep at least some connection to reality, says Gailing. “There’s a romantic spirit to Pisces because they’re dreamy, passionate, artistic, compassionate, and really sensitive where they want to be, on some level, swept away,” she says. “But you need to be careful you’re not carried away by fantasy.” A practical partner who can lend support without entirely diminishing or discounting your dreams would mesh well with your energy.

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