What’s Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 16

We made it to the holidays - woohoo ! I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of chilling out and also catching up with the endless jobs that need doing around the house - putting away all of the books and ornaments that are still boxed up after painting the walls in the passage and on the landings, jettisoning the ones that nobody wants any more, alongside about a dozen binbags of clothes that everyone has grown out of (so I need to chat up the local thrift store, plus make a few trips to charity bins and a book recycling centre in a (fairly) local town hall to try and drop all those off). I also need to change dentists (or finally manage to get a hold of our regular dentist) and try to find a doctor taking on new patients. I'm sure there was loads more that needed doing, but that will do for now ! This week, I fancy having a go at clearing all the odds and ends out of the kitchen cupboard (many packets leftover from Degustaboxes) and things that have been long forgotten in the freezer so I have no idea where this week will take us food-wise !


lunch- grilled ham, mash & green beans

dinner - chicken fajitas


lunch- chicken burgers, rice & ratatouille

dinner- pasta carbonara


lunch- beef tacos

dinner- chicken casserole (with mushrooms, onions, carrots, tomatoes) & rice


lunch - freezer diving (not sure what's in there but I know there are some hidden surprises !)

dinner- freezer diving  / leftovers


lunch- macaroni cheese

dinner - pizza (or the kids might twist my arm for deliveroo !)


lunch- grilled chicken with baked potatoes & coleslaw

dinner- fridge clearout (or cheese on toast)

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