What I Ate In Florida

Hi friends. Today was kind of the best blend of all the things I love most. The day started with getting Finn ready and off to preschool. It was spring picture day so I made sure he had a fresh haircut and cute outfit. 🙂

After I dropped Finn at carpool, I headed over to Metro to train a client. It wasn’t just any client but the second client that I ever trained back when I first started out in 2011. I used to go to her apartment building uptown to train her in the gym there and then she moved over to Metro when I landed there. We worked together consistently for 6 or 7 years and developed a friendship as well. We’ve both spent the last 5-6 years focused on our motherhood journeys and I was thrilled that the stars aligned for us to start working together again. It’s kinda been the best to be back to personal training and I’m very grateful for the women who have chosen to work with me.

I went from the gym to the yoga studio and all was perfection there too. I got to meet my co-worker’s new baby. She’s four months old and wow – so crazy to hold her after toting my 42 pound almost five year old baby around – haha. I taught class and then took my friend’s class. I left the studio for preschool pickup feeling so filled up to be able to do work that I love so much and be a part of such great communities.

Finn and I spent the afternoon baking cookies, walking/scootering with the dogs and playing in the back yard. I wanted to get some quality time in with him before he leaves for spring break with his dad.

I’ve now landed myself of the couch to write this post – the rest of which will be about what I ate while we were in Florida.


yogurt and granola bowls

Yogurt bowls with FAGE yogurt (one day was blueberry and one was peach). Topped with bananas, strawberries, raspberries, peanut butter and my dad’s homemade granola.

scrambled eggs and fruit

Cottage cheese scrambled eggs with mango, banana and strawberries.


turkey sandwich on sourdough

OMG my dad has a new sourdough technique which I must master and share with y’all ASAP. I love our original method but this bread is NEXT LEVEL! It’s high hydration and the bread is so spongy and moist. The sourdough flavor is on point. I can never, ever resist a sandwich on bread baking day so when my dad brought a loaf to us – I was all over it.

spinach and turkey salad

Salad with spinach, chopped deli turkey, avocado, beets, a candied walnut/dried fruit salad topper mix, chopped apples, feta cheese and Marzetti simply balsamic vinaigrette.

ham and havarti sandwich

Ham + harvarti on honey wheat with mayo, mayomust and sweet pickles.


ham and cheese quiche

My dad almost always makes quiche if we are flying in later on the day we arrive. It’s easy to hold and a crowd-pleaser. I will never complain about quiche! This was ham and cheese. We had a salad on the side.

shrimp and white bean skillet

On the second night of our trip, he tried a new recipe. We had garlic shrimp and white beans. The recipe was from Bon Appetit.

shrimp and white bean dinner

He served it with sourdough toast and a caesar side salad. The toast was perfect for dipping into the white bean mixture.

Stewby’s fort Walton beach

The next night we went out to dinner at our favorite local seafood spot – Stewby’s. I had a grilled mahi sandwich with tarter sauce and coleslaw on the sandwich. It was crazy delicious and this will be my new go-to order at Stewby’s. I love a good fish sandwich! On the side was fried okra and hushpuppies.

beef and eggplant stew

Okay, this is a beef and eggplant stew that my dad made in the Instant Pot. I do not have an Instant Pot so any recipe made in it is new and different for me. Still kind of can’t get over the steam release at the end of cooking. I wonder if I need another appliance and if I can figure the whole process out. He tells me I need one, if only to cook rice but IDK.

About the actual dinner…this is the closest recipe I can find. We had ours served over pasta which worked well but I can see it being great over couscous or rice too.

chicken and rice dinner

My dad was going to make grilled chicken thighs and homemade mac and cheese the last night of our visit but I convinced him that we had tons of leftovers. He grilled the chicken thighs anyway because they needed to be cooked so I made a chicken + rice bowl with avocado, cheese and ranch.


Coke Zero

If I’m going to drink a soda, it’s going to be Coke Zero or ginger ale. This was my plane snack on the way down to Florida. Finn had a sparkling water and Biscoff cookies.

Publix cookies and cream

I think Publix cookies and cream ice cream is the best. Let me tell you that it’s even better topped with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. 10/10 recommend.

That’s all for me! 🙂


Which of the dinners would you most like to dive into the screen at eat?

Do you have an Instant Pot? Thoughts? 

Favorite kitchen appliances? 

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