We’ve Abandoned All Shame – It’s Time For Rat Snacks

You know the bizarre things others do when they think no one’s looking? Well, what about the unexplainable urge that summons you to the pantry when the clock strikes midnight? You ferociously scavenge a hodge-podge of bedtime snacks, but when you finally climb into bed, nighttime bite in hand, you can’t help but think...isn’t this kind of gross?

But there's nothing to be embarrassed about – everyone loves a little rat snack. At least, that’s what the internet says.

The Power of The Rat Snack

So, what are rat snacks? Picture the wildest food combo you could ever get your paws on. Chamoy-covered pickles. Raw rice paper. Shredded cheese – straight from the bag. These are just a few of the rat snacks TikTok users are eating. They’re aware it sounds gross, but indulging in the urge to munch on a bizarre food compilation lives inside all of us.

You've undoubtedly satiated that late night urge for something criminally sweet or salty, in true rat snack fashion, and now’s not the time to shy away from that. If your heart desires a rat snack, a rat snack you shall have.

@carolinagelen midnight snack #goodsoup ♬ good soup - MARVEL FANS

There Are No Rules


mint snacks for the win

♬ original sound - THE SENSATIONAL ONE

Between the time of the literal pandemic we lived through and now, there wasn’t a lot to be said for social rules. Yes, we had concrete behavioral guidelines like social distancing, but the isolation of that seemingly earth-shattering event changed what actually being human meant to a lot of people.

Post-panny, we continue to move away from the fine-tuned and picture-perfect. We’re dropping the filter to show up as free, authentic versions of ourselves – online and off. A lot of us let our guard down, and frankly, no longer GAF if we have to make a grocery run in our sweatpants. 2022 was even rightfully titled the year of goblin mode, but the unhinged, dirty, indulgent energy didn’t stop there. Enter rat snacks.

Don't Shy Away From The Rat Snack

Rat snacks aren't just about the food. They're a whole energy, a whole vibe, as I love to say. But the ritual defies what we commonly know about bedtime snacking: it’s bad for you. Snacking within three hours of bedtime can be detrimental to your sleep quality, yet still over 90% of adults have a little treat before passing out. We've seemingly moved past the concern and passed the bag of chips instead.

Big rat snack energy means you’re unashamed in your snacking habits, gathering bites of pungent cheese and bits of broken crackers to quietly munch on. It means reaching for the leftover pasta in your fridge, and eating it cold because you're just too lazy to heat it up. It means rejecting the notion that food is only to be enjoyed at the dinner table. It means you get to be the literal embodiment of Pizza Rat, sneaking back into your cave in all your crusty glory. This habit is not bad or embarrassing – it’s what we were meant to do. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite freaky snacks our staff can't stop eating.

@liliannawilde it always starts with a single pickle over the jar and spirals downward until nothing tastes good and i go back to bed. #midnightsnack #foodswehate #cravings ♬ the midnight snack buffet - Lilianna Wilde

Rat Snacks We're Munching On

banana peppers in a jar

Banana peppers, straight from the jar. No judgements, please. Let us enjoy our rat snack in peace.

spicy sweet chili doritos

Doritos, the Spicy Sweet Chili version, obvi. Let that flavor pile up on your fingers. Who cares?

tortilla chip

Microwaved nachos are the creme de la creme of rat snacks. Throw some shredded cheese on top a pile of tortilla chips, hit that 30 second button, and you're golden.

sweet dreams cereal

Sweet Dreams Cereal... but it eat it dry, with your hands. It's what a rat would do. Extra points for this rat snack sending us peacefully off to sleep.

Anything dippy will satsify your inner rat. This spinach and artichoke one from Hope Foods is the perfect companion for any snack from spicy chips to crackers. It's even better if you munch after midnight...

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