Three of our Favorite IKEA Kitchen Designs (and why they’re on our home page!)

Unique design details and products create a holistically beautiful space.

To say there is a lot to consider when designing an IKEA kitchen would be an understatement. There are building codes, appliances, ventilation, and—of course—aesthetic to consider. On top of that, you must be aware of how you use the space.

Who spends the most time cooking? Is the laundry area in or near the kitchen? Do you use the space to socialize? Would it function more effectively with a double oven? Is there room for an island? Do you want an island?

When living in your kitchen, it can be challenging to view the room objectively. You may recognize that you need more storage space or your microwave is in an inconvenient location. However, figuring out how to solve these problems often takes the keen eye of a professional.

When we design a kitchen, we consider every customer’s needs and every home’s quirks. We design the space as one cohesive unit—and the best part is we aren’t limited to using IKEA products.

Personalized IKEA Kitchen Designs
Created by Certified Designers


IKD is more than an IKEA cabinet design company

Obtaining a kitchen design without a 3-D rendering is, quite frankly, a mistake. Someone can show you a plan on graph paper or explain their vision, but you won’t know what you’re getting if you can’t see it.

Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised—or maybe you won’t.

IKD’s professional 3-D renderings show exactly what you’re getting from your kitchen design. While the IKEA kitchen planner can offer a vague idea of how IKEA products may look in your home, our drawings include any hacks, Rev-a-Shelf products, Semihandmade doors and shelves, and appliances that reflect what you have in your home—not only what IKEA sells.

Our design packages also include elevation drawings, floor plans, price lists, and all the tools you (or your contractor) need to purchase the IKEA supplies with just a few clicks.

Here are some of our favorite IKEA kitchen designs.

Each of the following demonstrates a beautiful, holistic kitchen design in which all elements work together to create a stunning IKEA kitchen.

  1. A VEDHAMN Oak Kitchen with Waterfall Countertop
    This kitchen design uses several elements from different vendors to give the customer exactly what she wanted. She had three children, and after school, she would make dinner while they did homework. This involved a lot of running back and forth between the stove and dining table.

    “We designed Marci’s kitchen with a peninsula layout that offered casual seating for three at the counter. It was important that the room had a bright, open feel, which is why we opted for lighter colors and more open shelving instead of wall cabinets. The waterfall countertop offers a stylish look and easy cleaning, while the hidden range hood prevents the kitchen from looking too industrial.” –Meyer, IKD designer

    The IKEA cabinets feature VEDHAMN oak doors with stainless steel KALLRÖR handles. To conceal the range hood and Dacor 48″ hood liner, Meyer hacked IKEA panels to fit around the unit and finished the look with a VEDHAMN oak deco strip.

    Total cost of IKEA products: $7,449

    The porcelain countertop and backsplashes were sourced from Caesarstone, while the floating shelves came from Semihandmade.

  2. AXSTAD Matte Blue Kitchen with Unique Owner Finds
    The customers who commissioned this IKEA kitchen design got stuck at a common point in the renovation process. They had purchased a few elements they wanted in their new kitchen—but they weren’t sure how to combine the look.

    “This couple hosted often, so they planned to use a large, distressed wooden table in place of an island. They’d found one at a flea market and already had it in storage. The same was true of the vent hood. They found this very unique wood and iron range hood on ETSY while browsing for kitchen ideas and snatched it up. I thought the AXSTAD matte blue cabinets would tie the elements together and give the space a modern farmhouse feeling. Max and Reggie agreed!”–Frank, IKD designer

    Frank designed the kitchen using IKEA base cabinets with AXSTAD matte blue drawer fronts, door fronts, and panels and stainless steel KALLRÖR handles.

    Total cost of IKEA products:$3,112

    Custom Semihandmade teak floating shelves blend well with the range hood, and a counter and backsplash from Caesarstone complete the look.

  3. AXSTAD Kitchen in Sleek White
    This IKEA kitchen design focused on the family.

    “Ally liked the idea of designing this kitchen in two straight runs rather than struggling with corner cabinets. While we normally place the stovetop on the island, she asked that the island be a kid-friendly zone.

    Having the sink and dishwasher at the island allows the kids to help her with the dishes or just keep her company, and she also intends to use the 24” deep base cabinets as accessible kid storage.”–Merari, IKD designer

    Merari used IKEA panels to hide the range hood, and the doors and drawer fronts are AXSTAD matte white, requested by the homeowner so that she could easily see and wipe fingerprints.

    Total cost of IKEA products: $6,784

    The backsplash and countertop were sourced from Silestone.

Key Takeaway

A kitchen design is like a puzzle. All the elements must fit perfectly, and—if it’s done right—you’ll have a beautiful picture. This is the kind of holistic design approach in which IKD excels.

Get a Professional IKEA Kitchen Design – All Online

Work with our certified kitchen designers to get a personalized kitchen designed around your needs and vision. If you’re interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out our IKEA Kitchen Design Services.

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