These Are the Best Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends

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Your girlfriend wants to know you’re paying attention to her. And there’s no better way to do that than giving her a really great anniversary gift. But what, exactly, makes a great gift? 

“The two main elements of a good gift are 1) something they wouldn’t think to buy themselves and 2) one that shows you’re listening or that you see them,” says Veronica DeSouza, WNYC and Gothamist’s Director of Digital News and Audience who also runs the excellent shopping newsletter buy, bitch! “ If someone is always DMing you with cool nail art on Instagram, take note of that for their birthday.” 

This is a no-brainer, but in other words, pay close attention to the things your lady enjoys doing, the shows she likes watching, the takeout she likes ordering, the activities she likes participating in, and so forth. Don’t ignore the details. And if you think of a gift, put it in a note in your phone that you can return to when your anniversary rolls around. 

You don’t have to spend oodles of money to impress her, either, as long as the gift answers the question she’s been wondering all year: Has my boyfriend been listening to me? And if you’re stumped on your own, here are some gift ideas that will knock her socks off and ensure you make it to the next anniversary. 

the original burberry cashmere scarf against white background

Burberry Cashmere Scarf

This is a luxury staple, but it’s something your girlfriend probably wouldn’t buy for herself. So what do you do? You buy it for her. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s something she’ll wear for years to come. 

set of gold earrings (3 pairs) against white background

Studs Pearl Earring Set

Jewelry can be tricky, so you either want to go for something sentimental, something classic, something trendy, or something that’s fairly low-stakes in terms of your spend. Studs hits the last two elements: it offers trendy earring sets for a reasonable price point (and they have frequent sales!). So while you might not be at the buying fancy jewelry phase of the relationship, a cool set from Studs  can be a hit. 

woman wearing light tan cashmere pants

Quince Cashmere Set

Something soft and comfy is sure to make her happy. “One of my favorite recent gifts is this cashmere set from Quince,” de Souza says. “My mom got it for me for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it so much. It’s a great work from home outfit and even though I love a good sweatsuit, I wouldn’t have bought it for myself!”

succulent garden box against brick wall

Succulent Garden

Sure, you could give flowers. But flowers die within a week, and you’ve probably been there, done that. A succulent garden is a way to give something that lasts, and this one from Olive & Cocoa is beautiful. Plus, it’s easy to care for, which makes it a great gift if your gal doesn’t exactly have a green thumb. 

orange custom reel viewing gadget against tan background

Custom Reel Viewer

Is this silly? Yes. But is it cute? Also yes. And your girlfriend will be touched. Choose photos from specific moments throughout the year to reflect on the time you’ve had together. Add in a thoughtful note to explain why she’s special to you. 

nette perfume discovery set against white background


Perfume is a gift that lasts, and it will also inevitably have good memories associated with it. “I love a gift that keeps giving,” says Ashley Hosmer, a Portland-based creator. “Perfume discovery kits allow you to gift something personal like fragrance while also allowing the recipient to have fun with it — they can try different scents and then pick the one they like the most.” Nette is a sustainable candle company that recently launched fragrances — and they offer discovery sets. “Bonus points for including a card that says you’ll purchase them a full-size of the winning scent,” says Hosmer. 

airbnb logo against black background

Airbnb Experiences

AirBnB offers experience gifts, including cooking, drawing, meditation classes, and more. And you don’t have to go anywhere to take them. “I tend to think experiences make for much more memorable gifts than objects,” says Emilie Friendlander, co-host of the podcast The Culture Journalist. “Listen to your [girlfriend] telling you about their week and try to pick up on clues. Maybe they’re trying to learn how to cook, so you buy them a cooking class; maybe they’re getting into basketball, so you get them tickets to a game.” Perhaps she’s expressed interest in learning how to cook Indian food; There’s a class for that. Is she a coffee nut? There’s a class you could take together where you can learn all there is to know about Colombian coffee. The best part of it all is that you put thought into it, and you get to spend time together. Your girlfriend will love that. 

wooden and black photo frames against white background

Artifact Uprising Frame

Hosmer suggests going for something sentimental for the people you know best, and certainly your girlfriend fits that description. (If she doesn’t, that’s certainly some food for thought.) A framed photo is a simple gift, but it shows her that you care. Artifact’s frames are sleek and stylish, and with their service, you can sort out a gift using pictures you have on your camera roll. 

woman wearing and holding up silver tarot necklace

Tarot Necklace

If your girlfriend is into astrology, zodiac-themed gifts are perfect for her. Better yet, it shows that you actually know her birthday and don’t think astrology is silly — and, of course, that you’ve been listening. There are plenty of astrology-themed gifts on Etsy, but these necklaces in particular are pretty and dainty, and they can be layered with other jewelry. They also come in different materials, so if she doesn’t wear much yellow gold, you can go for silver, rose gold, or white gold. Picking the right metal is another way to show you’re paying attention. 

purple and white stubhub logo

StubHub Gift Certificate

You might want to go to a concert or a sporting event or a show together, but you don’t know exactly which one. A StubHub gift certificate will let her choose. “I think experiences are often overlooked,” says de Souza. “A nice dinner at their favorite restaurant, some fancy cocktails, concert tickets. The gift ends up being a nice shared experience and time spent hanging out.”

ad graphic for caffeinated cocktails mixology class

A Cocktail Making Class

Are you sensing a theme? Time spent together is always a great gift, and you benefit too. Uncommon Goods has tons of experience-based gifts, including art classes, mixology classes, astrology classes, and more. This hits on sentimentality and leverages things that she’s really interested in. 

ad graphic for audible subscription

Audible Subscription

If your girlfriend can’t get enough of audio books and listened to Prince Harry’s Spare the moment it came out, consider an audible subscription. You can select from one to 12 month subscriptions, which makes this a flexible gift. She’ll love listening to all of her favorite celebrity memoirs this way. 

graphic image of heyday digital giftcard

Heyday Facial

Give your girlfriend the gift of self-care at Heyday. With a Heyday gift card, they can either get a facial or purchase skincare products for themselves. Or, for the right denomination, they can do a little bit of both. 

white silk pillowcase against white background

Brooklinen Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase might not be the most obvious gift, but it’s subtly impressive. It imparts a little bit of luxury (because who doesn’t want to sleep on something that feels as good as silk?) and it’s smoothing for her hair, too. Hosmer suggests elevating your gifts by adding some personalization. While Brooklinen doesn’t offer this service, you could order it, take it to a tailor, and have her initials added. 

two raffia crossbody bags against white background

Mark & Graham Raffia Crossbody Bag

This bag is just plain cute, and per Hosmer, personalization equals elevation. So go ahead and get her this bag and put her initials on it. She’ll love the bag and that added touch that makes it just for her.

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