The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook: 120+ Everyday Recipes for the Healthy Home Cook

In Laura Lea Goldbergs new cookbook,The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook, the rubber of old-fashioned home-cooking meets the road of new healthy-food.With over 120 approachable, comforting, make-ahead recipes, this first cookbook from the creator of the popular LLBalanced website reaffirms that balance is possible: you can find the joy, relaxation, and healing of cooking for yourself, family, and friends during these frenetic times.

All of the recipes in are simple, familiar, and no-fuss. The majority of the recipes come together in thirty minutes or less and all are appealing to kids and adults alike, can be modified for picky eaters or can be proudly served at a dinner party. The food isnt dogmatic: a little of everything is used and flexibility is the key. With a focus on quality and moderation, the healthy aspects dont hit you over the head. They just make you feel good.

With helpful shopping lists and easy-to-follow menu plans,The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbookwill help any home cook create a foundation in the pantry and kitchen that will make the prospect of healthy cooking accessible and exciting, not stressful. It doesnt overthink things and focuses on consistency instead of perfection. In the end,The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbookwill have you discovering the balance of cooking delicious, healthy meals at home while re-connecting with yourself, family, and friends.

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Features more than 120 healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes for everyday, at-home occasions. Prioritizing whole foods and a balanced menu over diet fads and trends and including pantry shopping lists and serving portion recommendations the recipes manage to be nutritious and healthy while simultaneously comforting and satisfying. The perfect stocking stuffer for those resolving to eat healthier in the new year. (NBC News, BETTER)

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbookisnt your average cookbook. Laura Lea hits the mark between home-cooked nostalgia and whole food goodness with recipes thatll keep your taste buds satisfied and your belly full from dawn til dusk. (Edible Nashville)

A friendly and relaxed approach to healthy eating. Goldbergs diverse and enticing recipes promise to make healthy eaters out of even the most reluctant. (Publishers Weekly)

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook: 120+ Everyday Recipes for the Healthy Home Cookcalls upon whole ingredients to make up these yummy meals. Theyre nutritious and completely good for you! (POPSUGAR)

Book Description

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbookprovides easy, nutritious, family-friendly recipes that will make eating healthy a pleasure and restore balance to your life.

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My name is Laura Lea Goldberg, and I am a Certified Holistic Chef and writer from Nashville, TN! I graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC in August, 2013, and I moved back to Tennessee to start my company, LL Balanced. My job is to create flavorful, nutritious and simple recipes that will please every member of the family! I focus on healthier versions of comfort-food classics and childhood favorites.

In May 2017, I released my first cookbook, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook: 120+ Everyday Recipes for the Healthy Home Cook. My book has helped thousands of people enjoy the foods they love, while also taking care of their bodies. I use ingredients that most of yall probably already have in your pantry, and I use them on REPEAT, so you dont have spices sitting idle for months and going bad.

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