The Fruits and Vegetables That Are In Season Right Now + What To Make With Them

Spring brings new beginnings, so we're starting the season off with something of our own — we're trying to cook with what’s actually in season. Using seasonal produce in your recipes means you're getting the most fruitful ingredients with the best quality. Some springtime produce that thrive right now are arugula, avocados, carrots, garlic, and oranges. This produce is undeniably worth the wait each year – so don’t hesitate to run to your nearest farmer’s market this month! Here’s everything that's in-season this April, plus the tastiest recipes you can make with each one.

1. Artichokes

artichoke on a green background

Artichokes are a unique addition to savory appetizer and dinner recipes. They offer a pleasant texture that you can't find in other produce. Preparing artichokes takes special skill, so if you're looking to challenge yourself in the kitchen this spring, give the green veggie a try.

What To Make: Roasted Lemon Spinach and Artichoke Dip

What To Make: Roasted Lemon Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Chopped artichokes become unbelievably tender in this baked dip. Each bite is zesty and creamy, so come prepared with toast to devour it with. (via Half Baked Harvest)

2. Arugula

arugula leaves against a white background

We've long thought of arugula as spinach's bitter sister, but the leafy green is actually very versatile in flavor and texture. It comes in many different varieties so you can play around with which one works best for your palette.

What To Make: Strawberry Arugula Salad

Strawberry Arugula Salad recipe

This recipe sweetens arugula up with a berry good pairing. The fresh ingredients in this dish will definitely elevate all those springtime feelings. (via Feel Good Foodie)

3. Asparagus

asparagus stems in plastic bag

Long gone are the days of thinking asparagus is a gross vegetable — it's got flavor for days. These stalks taste delicious roasted, but there are a handful of ways you can prep them from tossing them in salads, pastas, pizzas, and more!

What To Make: Asparagus Pizza

Asparagus Pizza recipe for seasonal produce

Surprise! Pizza can be healthy! Lay out this pie using a homemade dough for the best results, but if you have to go the store-bought route, the fresh and seasonal toppings will balance out the dough. (via Most Hungry)

4. Avocados

avocados in sunlight on a white counter

There's nothing better than a perfectly ripe avocado – they smooth out your meal's texture while supplementing it with healthy fats and vitamins. Guacamole, salads, and deliciously-topped toasts are definitely our favorite things to make with fresh avocados.

What To Make: Healthy Avocado Toast

Healthy Avocado Toast

Once you go avo toast, you never go back — breakfasts just won't be the same. You can play around with your toasty additions to form the best morning bite, topping it with eggs, deli meats, or even just a sprinkle of Everything But The Bagel seasoning. (via Live Eat Learn)

5. Beets

beet stems and other vegetables on a white background

Earthy beets are so good when cooked the right way. If you're looking for new techniques to try with this radical root, we have a couple tips! Boiling or steaming beets eliminates their undesired crunchy texture, and marinating them immerses each piece in flavor. Give it a try!

What To Make: Beet Pasta

You can get in some hidden nutrition with this beet pasta sauce. This vegan recipe doesn't skimp on the creaminess of a regular pasta sauce, plus the eye-catching color makes it a total joy to eat!

6. Berries

raspberries and blackberries on a pink background

Did you hear? Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries are back in. Though we admit we're definitely stuffing them in our mouths year-round, they taste the absolute best in springtime. Use these sweet seasonal bites to top pancakes or waffles, add to yogurt bowls, blend for a smoothie, or just pop a few in your mouth for a midday snack!

What To Make: Caribbean Passion Smoothie

Caribbean Passion Smoothie

Flavors of mango, passionfruit, peaches, and strawberry infuse this thick springtime smoothie. This recipe is a great way to incorporate healthy foods into your day, even when that sweet tooth calls. (via Culinary Hill)

7. Broccoli

broccoli stems in a green bowl

Your parents were right – you will grow up to love broccoli. Broccoli comes back into season this month, so you've got the perfect excuse to make something to compliment its crunchy earthiness.

What To Make: Green Goddess Vegan Broccoli Soup

Green Goddess Vegan Broccoli Soup recipe

Assemble this electric green soup for an extreme boost of healthy foods! Broccoli teams up with kale to deliver your new favorite spring soup. (via The Girl On Bloor)

8. Cabbage

Cabbage close up on a light blue background

Cabbage is super versatile, adding soft or crunchy textures depending on how it's cooked. If you're not into raw cabbage in all its uncooked glory, boiling this vegetable makes all the difference on the both the texture and taste fronts.

What To Make: Grilled Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa

Grilled Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa and cabbage

A bright cabbage slaw decorates these flavorful grilled chicken tacos for added crunch! If tacos aren't your vibe this season, you can still use it to sprinkle on top of salads or sandwiches for the same effect. (via Barley & Sage)

9. Carrots

lots of carrot sticks close up full frame orange

We immediately associate the words 'springtime' and 'carrots' with one of our fave desserts: carrot cake. We know this crunchy veg gets up to more than sweets, though. Carrots are also an excellent ingredient for more savory soups, salads, and even sandwiches. (Hello, bánh mì!)

What To Make: Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Transform the beloved carrot cake into a tasty breakfast creation! This recipe takes the cake and forms your fave dessert into a loaf of bread, so you can divvy up some slices to enjoy at the start of each day. What? Carrots are healthy! 😉 (via The Endless Meal)

10. Garlic

garlic heads in black bowl

Garlic is a basic building block for just about any culinary venture. Fresh garlic comes into season around the springtime, and luckily there are so many ways to use it!

What To Make: Tomato Confit

tomato confit recipe, how to use seasonal produce

Spend time with this tomato and garlic confit recipe to make a spread with deep flavors that you can put on veggies, toast, or even eat by the spoonful — we won't judge! You can control the flavors based on the amount you spread, and we say...more is more! (via Brit + Co.)

11. Grapefruit

two Grapefruit slices against a pink background

We can chow down on a grapefruit alone, but it's a fun fruit to experiment with how you can incorporate it into springtime cooking. Aside from all of the dishes you can make with grapefruit (fruit salad, smoothies, glazes), it totally shines in cocktails and mocktails, too.

What To Make: Skinny Grapefruit Margarita

Skinny Grapefruit Margarita recipe

Welcome warm weather with a sweet sip like this grapefruit marg! Prep a big batch for any springtime functions, or enjoy one by one during the work week. (via Olive You Whole)

12. Kale

kale leaf

Kale kickstarts tons of cooking project ideas: kale salads, kale chips, dips, and more. It can be really tasty when the right prep is done. Be sure to take the time to wash and massage your kale leaves so you can really bring out its flavor.

What To Make: Broccoli Kale Salad with Blueberries and Coconut

Broccoli Kale Salad with Blueberries and Coconut

Having a fresh bowl chockfull of seasonal produce like this feeds you with a plethora of nutrients. This salad packs in kale, broccoli, coconut, and blueberries for a well-rounded springtime lunch or dinner, giving you sweet and savory bites all in one! (via The Endless Meal)

13. Limes

limes in a glass bowl in the sun

We know limes as the #1 cocktail garnish, but they're also a standout ingredient in dips and dressings! They decorate any snack, meal, drink, or dessert with tartness and juicy textures!

What To Make: Key Lime Pie From Scratch

Key Lime Pie From Scratch recipe

Life's no fun if you can't have a little a key lime pie involved from time to time. The best lime pies incorporate a crumbly graham cracker crust that balances with the zesty lime and creamy consistency. (via Barley & Sage)

14. Mushrooms

assorted cooking mushroom in wire basket

Mushrooms always bring forth that good umami flavor note in a dish. They're super versatile in how they taste, and their texture can be modified using different cooking methods like searing, baking, or boiling.

What To Make: Ricotta Mushroom Toast

Ricotta Mushroom Toast recipe, what to cook with mushrooms

Pile on the fungi with this toast recipe that's sure to fill you up for lunch or breakfast. The caramelized mushrooms blend with a vegan ricotta spread, forming a truly unbelievable bite. (via Munching With Mariyah)

15. Oranges

orange fruits and orange slices arranged on a white background

Citrus really starts to shine during the spring season. Oranges are one citrus in particular that we love, because they're always fresh and communicate a complex flavor depending on how you use them. We love tossing them in a marinade, a smoothie, or even snacking on slices alone.

What To Make: Immunity Boost Juice

Immunity Boost Juice with oranges

Beat the spring sniffles with this homemade immunity shot! Oranges, lemon, carrot, honey, ginger, and turmeric get blended together so you have a natural immune boost to shoot down this season. (via Two Spoons)

16. Radishes

Radishes on a white background, how to cook with seasonal produce

Radishes are like a distant cousin to potatoes, with a little bit of a harder bite. Like potatoes, they can be cooked in a myriad of manners, but they offer a wildly different taste.

What To Make: Bold Vegan Borscht

Bold Vegan Borscht recipe, how to use radishes in cooking

Borscht is a popular soup-like dish in central Europe. It leverages beets, among many other veggies and spices that make it a healthy, hearty option for spring. It's the ideal balance between sweet and savory, so you can enjoy unique flavors for lunch or dinner. (via Gastroplant)

17. Rhubarb

rhubarb stem on a cutting board with white sugar

This springtime stalk stands out for its sourness, which is often paired with sweet berries in recipes. This vegetable enters the seasonal produce rotation in late March, and lasts through June each year.

What To Make: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie recipe

No strawberry pie is complete without a little rhubarb to even things out. This pie explodes in sugary flavors to satisfy the end of your meals this spring. (via Culinary Hill)

18. Spinach

spinach leaves next to each other on a green background

Aside from its countless benefits, spinach looks and tastes wonderful. We don't recommend settling for eating spinach on its own, though — there are so many recipes you can use this seasonal leafy green in.

What To Make: Creamy Garlic Chicken with Spinach

Creamy Garlic Chicken with Spinach

This hearty meal makes use of wilted spinach to compliment the creamy garlic sauce that covers grilled chicken in flavor. Plus, it's packed with tons of good vitamins! (via The Endless Meal)

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