The Best Places To Order Flowers Online for Valentine’s Day

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When you want to show someone how much you appreciate them, few things can compete with a nice bouquet of flowers. Need a gift for your boo? Celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary? Or want to surprise your significant other just because? No matter the occasion, flowers are always is a lovely gesture and a universally well-received gift idea that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

In addition, the process has never been easier thanks to the best places to order flowers online. Simply pick out your favorite arrangement and have it delivered anywhere you want. You can also subscribe to a flower subscription service that delivers beautiful bouquets and hearty houseplants to your loved one’s door on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preferences. 

Unlike a piece of clothing, a fragrance or even a book, flowers are hard to get wrong, just as long as you remember to send them on time. Fortunately, the best places to order flowers online for Valentine’s Day let you schedule deliveries, even up until the last minute (although you should be aware you may experience delivery delays if you wait until the day before major holidays and events ). 

Furthermore, given the convenience of the internet, online flower delivery is easier than ever. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, someone’s birthday, or a spontaneous display of gratitude, flowers remain one of the best gift ideas for women or men. All in all, you would have to be an incredibly grumpy person not to appreciate a beautiful bouquet of colorful, fresh-smelling flowers.

How to Choose the Right Flowers for Every Occasion

While you may opt to just shoot from the hip and pick whichever arrangement you find to be the most attractive or eye-catching, it’s worth noting that some, and actually most, flowers have some kind of sentiment or association attached to them on some level. Whether this sentiment is still relevant or should impact your decision may come down to a number of elements, including your personal preferences. Here are some ideas and examples of certain flower choices which are commonly associated with specific dates or occasions.

  • Mother’s Day – Carnations, roses, tulips, irises, gardenias, or lilies.
  • Birthdays – Roses, forget-me-nots, jasmine, geraniums, pink carnations, lilies, or red chrysanthemums.
  • Valentine’s Day – Roses, carnations, lilies, or tulips.
  • Anniversaries – Roses, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, or tulips. Alternatively, research the flower associated with the number of years together.
  • Teacher’s Day – Hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, or tulips.
  • Romantic Dates – Roses, lilies, orchids, or gerberas.
  • Weddings – Amaryllis, calla lilies, gardenias, hydrangeas, peonies, or roses.
  • Dinner with Friends/Housewarmings – Orchids, succulents, bonsais, and lilies.
  • Funerals – Lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, and gladioli.
  • Christmas – Poinsettias, roses, holly, narcissus, or winter jasmine.

So, where is the best place to order flowers online? Just scroll down. You’ll find our selection of the ten best places to order flowers online for Valentine’s Day, along with a wide selection of our favorite bouquets from each one.

1. The Bouqs Co.


If sustainable, eco-friendly farming is important to you, add The Bouqs Co. to your bookmarks list. The site partners with farms around the globe that practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming and grow only what they can sell, so they don’t waste the industry average of one out of every three stems. Of course, pretty much every florist and flower delivery service claims to be eco-friendly, so what sets The Bouqs apart? When you choose a floral arrangement, you can see photos and biographical information on the farmer who grew your flowers. By partnering with local, sustainable farms, The Bouqs ensures a high standard of environmentally friendly production.

As an added bonus, the bouquets produced by Bouqs are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re looking for a beautiful gift, we love these bouquets: 

The Angels


Love You Forever


2. Amazon


While you might not think of Jeff Bezos when you think of the best places to buy flowers, you really can get everything on Amazon, even fresh flowers. It works like the rest of the site, aggregating various sellers onto their platform, and if you’re a Prime member, free shipping is available on most orders. But what you’ll be able to find here that you won’t on most other sites is access to wholesale flowers, not just arranged bouquets. This is a major plus if you have a DIY streak or need to cut costs for a big event.

Here are a few floral arrangements from Amazon that we love. If they’re not what you’re looking for, Amazon has countless more floral arrangements to choose from.

One Dozen Red and Pink Roses

Buy: One Dozen Red and Pink Roses $44.99

Benchmark Bouquets Pink Roses and Lilies

Buy: Benchmark Bouquets Pink Roses and Lilies $45.10

Bloomsybox Rainbow Fields Multicolored Alstroemeria Bouquet

Buy: Bloomsybox Rainbow Fields Multicolored Alstroemeria Bouquet $49.99

3. Rose Box NYC


Rose Box is one of the premier luxury flower ateliers in New York City. If you want to opt for something that will leave a lasting impression, then they’re your best bet. The brand produces impressive floral arrangements with real roses that stick around for an entire year, with absolutely no maintenance required. Their fresh, handcrafted arrangements are also perfect gifts for a birthday, graduation, housewarming, or any other special occasion. For extra brownie points, Rose Box NYC offers you the opportunity to customize each arrangement with elements that match the recipient’s personality, including their astrological sign.

Here are some of our favorite customized arrangements from their collection.

Single Royal Purple Rose Jewelry Box

Custom Modern Silver Mirrored Centerpiece

Custom Large Round Love Box

4. Scott’s Flowers NYC


If you wish to make Valentine’s Day extra special, order a floral arrangement designed with precision and passion from Scott’s Flowers NYC. They take great pride in their creations, including premium flowers grown from across the globe, and offer same-day delivery. Plus, their gift collection lineup includes succulents for those who are allergic to fresh flowers, candles, and beds of roses with the finest of champagne, by none other, Veuve Clicquot.

Browse below to find the best pick to send your loved one over the moon.

Modern Roses – Pink

Be My Valentine

Pink Sweetheart

Rosé Champagne & Blush Roses

5. 1-800-Flowers


You’ve seen 1-800-Flowers adverts on TV, on Facebook, and every time you search for flower delivery on Google. Therefore, you’re likely familiar with this popular brand. Of course, they’re popular for a reason — 1-800 Flowers offers a huge range of choices and reliable delivery ahead of major holidays like Valentine’s Day. In addition to offering a wide range of flowers and indoor plants, 1-800-Flowers is known for its long-lasting bouquets. You can expect the average order to stay fresh for a week or more.

We like this Passion for Purple Roses bouquet for its unique color but classic roses, and a few of the other arrangements below also caught our eye. 

Passion for Purple Roses Bouquet

Magnificent Pink Rose & Lily Bouquet

1800 flowers bouquet, magnificent pink rose & lily bouquet

Lovely Lavender Medley

Wonderful Wishes Bouquet

6. Urban Stems


For a modern, eco-friendly option, Urban Stems is one of the best places to order flowers online. This company works closely with florists and farmers to source flowers and plants solely from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which means the bouquet you order has been sustainably grown and sourced. It also means that you’ll see far more seasonal variation in Urban Stems’ bouquets. In addition to beautiful blooms, Urban Stems can also deliver dried arrangements and live plants.

The Murano

The Peony

The Firecracker Arrangement

The Parasol

7. Terrain


If you’re looking for something totally unique with a rustic finish, check out Terrain. Their bouquets range from traditional tulips to bouquets that look handpicked from rolling fields of flowers. In addition to flower arrangements, Terrain also sells potted plants, outdoor furniture and other gardening supplies.

Fresh Mixed Double Lily Bunch

Fresh Anemone Bunch

Fresh Jewel Tone Tulip Bunch

8. The Sill


Another great option for potted plants is The Sill. If your mom is a green thumb and would rather nurture a ficus than a vase of flowers, this is a great option. This may represent a departure from the traditional bouquet, but a flowering plant will outlast anything housed in a vase and can be just as beautiful. In addition to the plant itself, The Sill also provides simple care instructions and additional plant tutorials on their website.

Petite Sunset Orchid

Snake Plant Laurentii

Petite White Orchid

9. Olive & Cocoa


Since 2009, Olive & Cocoa has been delivering artfully designed gift crates and floral arrangements nationwide. Each gift from the company includes a handcrafted wooden box and a satin ribbon at no extra charge. Their flower arrangements are particularly stunning thanks to their compact designs that highlight individual blooms. They’re a perfect brand to order something really special for your significant other on Valentine’s Day

Here are a few of our favorite arrangements from Olive & Cocoa.

Jolie Le Coeur

Birch Heart Roses


10. Venus Et Fleur


If these arrangements of roses look familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen them pop up on the Instagram feed of an influencer you follow. Venus Et Fleur specializes in Eternity Roses, which are preserved blooms that last up to a year when properly cared for. However, long-lasting roses don’t come cheap. A single preserved bloom costs $39, and larger arrangements range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. Yet, if you want your gift to stick and remind your loved one of you all year long, Venus Et Fleur is the best flower delivery service to use. Think about it this way — you’re paying for the flowers to still be alive more than two weeks after they arrive, which is worth their weight in gold if you ask us. 

Fleura Vase

Large Round Arrangement

Small Square Arrangement

Le Mini Round

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