St. Louis Camping Trip, Days 1-2

Hey, friends! I'm back! Paul and I returned last night from a five-day camping trip to St. Louis. We like to pick urban areas for our camping trips, so we have lots to do and see. We stayed at a KOA in Eureka, Missouri, about 30 minutes from the city. 

We left Memphis on Tuesday morning and arrived in St. Louis mid-day to set up camp. 

We didn't get out into the city on Tuesday, just hung around the campsite and played in the nearby creek. For dinner, I wrapped some potatoes (white for Paul, sweet for me) in foil and tossed in the campfire. I thought they'd roast pretty quickly that way, but nope. After 30 minutes or so, they were still hard. So we cheated and put them in our camper's microwave. We tried! I also heated some Gardein chili from a can to serve over the potatoes with Earth Balance. I know this doesn't look appetizing, but I assure you it was tasty.

And since we had a campfire, I had to have s'mores! I found some vegan graham crackers at Sprouts, so I packed those along with some vegan milk chocolate and Dandies. Yum!

On Wednesday morning, I headed to a trail near our campsite to run six miles. The Green Rock Trail was rocky and hilly, and it was quite the challenge to run. I spent plenty of time hiking. 

After the run, I went back to the campsite to make us some Pancakes & Vegan Sausage. I packed a pancake mix and some soymilk to make cooking breakfast super-easy.

After breakfast, we decided to head into St. Louis to explore the City Museum. It's a massive, all-ages playground of manmade caves, treehouses, and jungle gym equipment. Paul and I had so much fun crawling around in holes! 

As we were parking for City Museum, we passed Sen-Thai Asian Bistro, and we both love Thai food. So we decided to eat there after the museum visit. We split an order of Edamame, and I ordered the Cashew Nut with Tofu (no fish sauce).

And then we headed back to camp for another fire and more s'mores and beers!

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