Requirement + Experiment + Asics SuperBlast Review

Delicious pre-run toast.  I’m experimenting with getting a bit of fat in before my runs with some peanut butter to see if it still upsets my stomach or not.  Felt great yesterday!

8.1 miles @ 8:11 pace with Jo and Lauren.  We are thoroughly enjoying running more and more in the light each day.

The most detailed fairy garden I have seen on a run so far.

He requires dinner foods for breakfast these days.

She was pretty excited about her new dance shoes.

And then we spent the night at my parents’ house with family.


After my plantar fasciitis in 2021, I was cautious about what shoes I would wear to keep it from flaring up again.  I tried out the Asics NOVABLAST and fell in love with them (my review is HERE).  I ran a bit quicker in them and completely avoided any plantar pain.  I truly love those shoes, so when I saw a friend wearing the SUPERBLAST a few weeks ago, I knew I had to try them.

My first run in them was a 16 miler, and from start to finish, I had nothing but positive thoughts about them and have in every run since too.

These shoes do not have a carbon plate, but the foam is fun.  It isn’t like the foam on Hoka Cliftons, where you feel like you have a pillow under your feet (which is so needed for me some days), although it’s a little more firm but gives you a bounce.  I feel a little like I’m springing, kind of like a trampoline.

I think they look sleek.  I’ll admit it, I love good-looking shoes.

I was thinking about how these shoes help me to land on my midfoot.  If you want to work on heel striking (landing in front of your knee with your heel… nothing wrong with heel striking if it is below your body), try these out.  They get you to land mid-foot.

They are much lighter than you would expect when looking at them—> 8.4 ounces.

The shoelaces stay tied very easily… which isn’t the case for many shoes I have tried in the past.

The upper of the shoe is very breathable and not too stiff (ever had a shoe that it felt like the upper won’t bend with your foot, which drives me crazy, and luckily, these do not do that).

If you want to be taller, try these ha.  I think they added two inches for me (in reality, 45.5mm).

I have tried minimalist shoes over the years, but they aren’t for me.  I personally love a lot of foam on my shoes and a solid shoe because I feel like it absorbs some of the impact with each step, helping me to avoid some soreness and some injuries.

They are a neutral shoe, but the amount of support in them make my foot feel in place with each step, it’s not moving all around in the shoe.

I’ll keep you updated on how many I can get out of them… I feel it will be a lot because the cushioning still feels new to me.

What I would wear them for—> Easy runs, tempo runs, steady state runs, long runs (flat or hilly).  I like that I can use one shoe for so many different types of runs.  I feel like these can adapt to so many different paces.

What I would not wear them for—> Personally, I only want to race in the Vaporflys, so I wouldn’t race in the SUPERBLAST.  I would not wear them on the trails because there isn’t a lot of traction on them, and the stack height is high, so I would probably twist my ankle easily with these on trails.  I also won’t be using them for short/speed intervals.  Slick days also won’t be great with these.

I have yet to find a con in these, and if you do, don’t tell me because I would like to continue to believe they have perfected this shoe.  I’m kidding; you can tell me.

Off to try the METASPEED;)

PS if my reviews seem very positive, it’s because I don’t review the things/shoes etc., that I don’t like… I review the things I find that I do love.

Who has an Asics pair that they love? Anyone try the Superblast yet?  What are your thoughts?

How many miles do you get on a pair of shoes usually?  How do you track them?

Can you eat pb or anything with fat before a run?  Is your stomach picky before a run?

Tell me something interesting you have seen on a run recently?

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