Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas! How to Celebrate While Social Distancing!

I am always looking for new Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas. But with this time at home right now I think we are all having to get a little more creative with our party planning. Also, make sure you check out the best Birthday Party Hacks we found for you.

Quarantine Birthday Ideas

With social distancing going on I knew that meant some of our family members’ birthdays would look different this year. So I started brainstorming for Birthday Party Ideas that would fit within that protocol. Here are a few we came up with…

Facebook Live Stream

My sweet niece turned ONE! I was so bummed we couldn’t be there in person to celebrate her but watching her dive into that smash cake via Facebook Live Stream was so fun! This is a great way for friends and family to be able to see everything that’s happening all while staying in the comforts of their own home.

Birthday Party Ideas

Social Distancing Picnic

Another idea we did for my mom’s birthday was a social distancing picnic. We ordered takeout food from her favorite restaurant and all ate 6 feet apart! You could set up tables and chairs in the garage as we did. Or if it’s a warm day you could grab your picnic blankets and head outside with the party. 

Birthday Party Ideas

Drive-By Party Parade

Another thing that we did and I know a lot of other people have been doing is a Drive-By Party Parade. It was kinda fun to drive up to our friend’s houses and honk and sing Happy Birthday! We even got to visit for awhile from the car window. The kids thought it was so fun to open the sunroof and pop out! (the car was parked of course;)! )

Birthday Party Ideas

Netflix Party

You could also arrange a Netflix Party for you and your friends to enjoy together. Netflix Party allows users to sync up with friends and family so everyone can watch the same thing at the same time – no matter if they’re in the next room or across the globe. It also has a chat feature, which allows the party guests to talk about what’s going on or even serenade the birthday person! 


Baking Party

My kids love helping it out in the kitchen. But for my daughter’s birthday, I let her get on Pinterest and pick her own recipes from breakfast to dinner and of course the cake! I picked up all of the ingredients on our grocery pickup order and she couldn’t wait to get started! She was the boss in the kitchen all day and I just helped however she asked. My kitchen was a hot mess by the end of the day but we had SO much fun just baking and laughing.

Birthday Party Ideas

Facetime/Zoom Party 

If you can’t get together in person to chat Zoom or Facetime are a great option! Facetime one on one to wish your loved one a happy day. Or plan a zoom meeting time and get the entire gang on at once!

Birthday Party Ideas

Glow Party

My kids love anything that glows in the dark! I think it would be so fun to just order a big pack of Glow Sticks and let the kids stay up late and play in the back yard with these! The After Dark birthday! You could have snacks set up on the back porch and just make a night of it. One thing that is always a hit with these is when you tape them to your clothes to make yourself look like a stick figure. Amazon always has great prices on these.

Birthday Party Ideas

Craft Party

If you have a little one who likes to create making a new craft might be a hit! My kids loved making this Tie Dye Cloud Dough. But really anything that you sit down and create/do as a family is sure to make memories with your child.

Those are just a few of the party ideas we have thought of during this time of social distancing. If you come up with any fun party ideas be sure to let us know! We always love finding new ways to celebrate!!

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