Press play: 20 of the best podcasts for kids of all ages

The best podcasts for kids can help pass the time on your next family road trip without banking a lot of screen time. Even if you’re getting ready for summer travel, flying with kids can be a whole lot easier if your child is immersed in a great podcast.

There are plenty of great podcasts for each age group: podcasts for preschoolers, podcasts for toddlers, podcasts for middle schoolers and even podcasts for teens. Make podcasts a part of your bedtime routine or, maybe, a special treat to listen to after dinner. They’re truly a unique form of entertainment without sensory overload and they’re a great option for any time.

The best podcasts for toddlers

girl tales podcast

Girl Tales

This is not your average fairy tale. Reimagined tales of adventure featuring familiar heroines take place in this podcast that’s all about female empowerment.


brains on pod

Brains On

Have you ever wondered why dogs wag their tails? This podcast features a kid co-host every week and together they explore different curiosities about our world. There’s songs, sounds and lots of cool facts.

earth rangers pod

Earth Rangers

Earth Ranger Emma is on a mission to travel the world and discover all of the secrets of the animal kingdom and nature’s mysteries. There are games, conservation conversations and more.

The best podcasts for preschoolers

story pirates pod

Story Pirates

What’s better than kid humor? Not much! This podcast features hilarious stories by kids for kids. Throw in a few celebrity guests, original songs and silly logic and you’ve got a podcast that the whole family will enjoy.




circle round pod

Circle Round

An adaptive podcast that takes select folktales and transforms them into “sound- and music-rich” radio sets. Each episode is about 10-20 minutes long and they explore different issues such as kindness.

noodle loaf pod

Noodle Loaf

This is an interactive music education podcast for kids. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and there are interactive elements. Winner of the Common Sense Media Selection seal for their quality kids content.

The best podcasts for kids

wow in the world

Wow in the World

One of the most popular science-centered podcasts for kids. They talk about everything science and technology related. Some episodes are as wacky as the science behind farts and others are a bit more serious. The best judge for determining which episodes are appropriate for your child is you.

what if world pod

What If World

For every time your child has started a question with, “What if.” This podcast spins a story out of some of the most outrageous questions kids have.

lost women of science pod

Lost Women of Science

There are so many female scientists whose stories haven’t been told. Each season focuses on one scientist and does a deep dive into her work, the social conditions of the time she lived in and how her work lives on today.

million pod

Million Bazillion

The podcast that inspires families to talk about all things money. They feature all kinds of money-related questions asked by kids.

greeking out pod

Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

If your child loves learning about Greek mythology then they’ll love this podcast. This kid-friendly retelling of the classics features stories of gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters.

rebel girls pod

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Based on the bestselling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, this podcast explores the lives of real life women from all over the world breaking barriers. Motherly co-founder and CEO Jill Koziol was even featured on this episode.

The best podcasts for middle schoolers

but why pod

But Why

This is a podcast hosted by kids where they ask questions about the world and get answers. You can help your child submit a question and listen to the answer on air!


smash boom best pod

Smash Boom Best

Each episode pairs two things, smashes them together and from there starts a lively debate. Its fun, smart and teaches kids about debates, logical thinking and so much more.

the past and the curious pod

The Past and The Curious

A history podcast that investigates all kinds of things. There are themed episodes with music and lots of funny and interesting facts about little known things.

tai asks why pod

Tai Asks Why

15-year-old Tai asks important questions, such as, why is it impossible to NOT finish a bag of chips? This curious kid is out to solve mysteries one question at a time and he’s even won a Webby for his phenomenal podcast.

The Best Podcasts for Teens

ted talks pod

TED Talks Daily

Thought provoking podcast that explores a broad range of interests. There’s something new to learn in every episode. Your child can pick and choose to listen to whatever ignites their curiosities.

adult ish pod

Adult ISH Youth Radio

This is an award-winning podcast that features real stories, advice and cultural commentary. The two BIPOC hosts delve into everything that almost-adults wonder about or need to know.

stuff you should know pod

Stuff You Should Know

Topics range from chaos theory to The Colosseum, champagne to Rosa Parks and everything in between. Hosts Josh and Chuck do a deep dive into all kinds of subjects.

she persisted pod

She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

Made for teens, by teens. This is THE mental health podcast for teens. Sadie brings authentic and relatable content surrounding all things concerning mental wellness.

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