My Type of Pizza

This week I was on my own for dinner, twice, and do you know what I made myself BOTH nights? A homemade pizza, Nikky Style.

What is Nikky style you might ask? Well, that means the pizza has to at least have (lots of) onions, prosciutto, arugula, and absolutely no red-sauce.

I made two variations on this combo. For pizza 1, I used a pre-made whole wheat dough, still raw, and I used an olive oil and garlic sauce. Pizza 2 was made with a pizza yeast packet I had in my fridge, and for the sauce I roasted some homegrown Anaheim peppers, then Puréed with some garlic and olive oil.

From there they were both layered with mozzarella, fresh and grated, topped with lots of yellow onion, and prosciutto. Each baked for about 15 minutes, the whole wheat cooking quicker. Then, once pulled out of the oven I topped the pizza with fresh arugula and a truffle balsamic glaze.

Basically, I ate too much both those nights.
Would you try Nikky style pizza?
What is your favorite type of pizza?


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