My Texas Table Newsletter - Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Happy Sunday friends! Since there are only a few days left until Thanksgiving,I'm sure most of you already have your Thanksgiving Menu planned out. If you don't, no worries because this month's newsletter is filled with my favorite Thanksgiving Menu Ideas that I have posted in the past.

Whether I'm cooking for a crowd or just the family, I like to serve Turkey and Ham, and a variety of side dishes and dessert choices. I have several Thanksgiving recipes on my site, but I have narrowed down my favorites to share with you. Hopefully, you will find something among the following recipes.

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I also like to have a fewappetizers, finger foods and dips available for guests to snack on throughout the day.Deviled Eggs,Charleston Cheese Dip,Queso Dip,Hot Corn Dip,Cranberry Pepper Jelly Dipand theseRanch Sausage Starsare a few of my favorite crowd-pleasers. I like to use my triple crock pot, because everything stays warm and is easily accessible for guests to serve themselves.

Thanksgiving is a time of year when families come together, which more than likely means you will have a lot of children running around the house.Keeping the kids busy while the adults prepare the Thanksgiving feast can sometimes be a big challenge.

ThesecuteThanksgiving Sugar Cookies & Pilgrim Hatsare the perfect activity to entertain the kids while everyone else is busy in the kitchen or visiting with family and friends.These festive turkey cookies start with pre-baked sugar cookie dough, decorated with, chocolate frosting, candy corn, edible candy eyes, colored icing and sprinkles.

Personally, I have found the more activities you have available, the less likely the kids will be underfoot. You can also enlist the help ofthe older kids to monitor the whole activity, because both of these cookie activities are a fun for everyone!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday!

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