Letter to the Editor: Summit Daily News is biased against Republican points of view

Working for the common good?

I’m really sorry that your columnist’s husband had trouble getting his special-order coffee at the post office, but that’s not nearly as devastating as someone missing their medication or Social Security check.

The mismanagement of our local post offices has serious consequences. Yet, rather than holding anyone with direct responsibility for this fiasco accountable, the writer of “Where’s my coffee?” chose to blame one single Republican bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. Susan Knopf disregarded the fact that Democrats control our county and state governments, the president and Senate of the United States, and most labor unions, such as the American Postal Workers Union.

The columnist states, “If you want to fix our roads, get our mail, and get back to sensible bipartisan government we need to put polarizing people in the rearview mirror and elect people who pledge to work together for the common good, not some right or left wing agenda.” Let me add, the same holds true for journalists and media companies. Truth and accurate reporting are also vitally important to a functioning democratic republic. Last Friday’s column is one of the most polarizing columns I have read in the Summit Daily. Hate and vitriol do not belong in our community newspapers. 

Regarding bias, I find it interesting that the Summit Daily refused to write about the Republicans’ recent Lincoln Day Dinner. Speakers, including Kristi Burton Brown, Colorado GOP chair; Courtney Potter, Adams County school board member; and Dr. Brenda Dickhoner, CEO and president of Ready Colorado, spoke about the “Golden Thread” of education. They are all experts in the field of education — a critical issue to parents in Summit County. It seems that if you want anything conservative printed in the Summit Daily you have to take out an ad.

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