Let’s make it a good one.

Wednesday 5th April 2023
Predict your own future!

I loved the sunshine yesterday, walked across the shops where they were cutting the lawns and the smell was wonderful, I sat in the garden eating my lunch for the first time and also hung the washing out for the first time, all signs that summer will be here soon enough, spring is showing us some sunshine at last. 

Really enjoyed our huddles as always, I enjoyed my day all round actually, food wise, I started my day with sardines in tomato sauce in a wrap - strange maybe but I enjoyed it and it used a wrap up.  I was really hungry when I got home lunchtime, so made dinner early, this was exactly what I expected it t be and it was absolutely delicious and check out my photo looking good too.  


Easy meal to make, so good I had it for dinner too, the recipe could be tweaked to bring the calories down if you wanted too, use low fat cheese and low fat mozzarella.  If I made it myself again, Aryn has asked me to make it with spaghetti, you can use any pasta, I'd add diced carrots for an extra veg, I'd dice the peppers rather than slice them too, to help hid the veg.  I loved it as it was but the lads not a massive veg fan so hiding them helps.  I'd maybe throw some spinach in too because he does like that.  It was really tasty though and very simple to cook.  recipe here Cheesy Pepperoni Pasta Bake | Gousto 

I've started taking painkillers to try and get my pain under control, I want to enjoy Easter weekend, maybe go for a walk on the beach so if I can cut the inflammation a bit, happy days, my feet and hands hurt as well as my back and leg, ain't it great being a menopausal mess lol.

Busy morning, huddle first then taking the car to have the windscreen changed, I'll take my book so I've got something to keep me occupied whilst I wait.  Then I'm taking Aryn shopping with me to get some food for Easter so we're ready in the Motorhome, not like our last outing when we couldn't get a table and ended up with a mad dash round a supermarket, they won't be open this Sunday will they.

Thinking I'll do the Lebanese-Style Aubergine With Lamb And Tabbouleh, something a bit different for sure, not sure if Aryn will eat it but we will give it a go, don't try, do know and I like to try new things.  If it's dreadful, it was a tenner, the lamb mince will be tasty won't it, even if he don't like the aubergine or bulger wheat, meh there's a pizza in the fridge if it all goes tits up.   

Well I managed to sleep till 6.15am this morning, woke a few times, had some weird dreams earlier in the night, thankfully can't remember them now, I better get myself ready for work hadn't I, I also need to sort clothes for the weekend, my wardrobe is a mess, everything is creased but I'm allergic to ironing, half my tops have grease marks on, I haven't been able to get off, 1/4 of the stuff I just don't like anymore, I really need some new clothes but it'll have to wait till my car stops needing things!  

Let's have a great day, I'm off for a cuppa, will have a glass of water whilst the kettle boils.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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