Lebanese Foods You Should Try

Lebanese Foods You Should Try

Lebanese Foods You Should Try

Have you ever been to Lebanon or looking to visit? Anyone that has visited Beirut or any other part of Lebanon can attest to the delicious delicacies they have there. Most people wish to bring a  bit of their delicacies and recipes to their kitchens after or even before visiting this beautiful nation. If you’re in London then check out this Lebanese restaurant near Central London. Lebanese food is truly amazing! Here are some of the top foods you should try when visiting the country, and/or try at home in your kitchen. 

1. Kibbeh 

Kibbeh is Lebanon’s national dish. Its main ingredients are spicy minced meat and sauteed pine nuts. A taste of kibbeh and your taste buds will be awakened. 

2. Kafta 

Kafta is Lebanon’s version of barbecued beef, chicken, or little lamb meatballs on skewers.  The meatballs are filled with parsley, onions, spices, and breadcrumbs to give them that distinctive taste and flavor. Kafta can be served in a gravy too. 

3. Kanafeh 

If looking for something sweet to kickstart your day, Kanafeh is the snack to go for. This is a sugary cheese pastry dipped in orange blossom syrup. Kanafeh goes pretty well with butter, sugar, and cheese. 

4. Hummus 

Hummus is a coveted delicacy is many parts of the country and several other parts of the world as well. A scoop of hummus on carrot sticks is the one thing you will definitely enjoy in Beirut. The main ingredients include a blend of tahini, garlic and chickpeas. Hummus makes the perfect snack just before dinner. Kids often enjoy hummus too so this can be a great healthy snack for little ones.  

5. Rice Pilaf 

Rice is a staple food in many middle-eastern countries, Lebanon included. Rice pilaf is a combination of fried rice and vermicelli noodles served with Lebanese meat dishes. You can learn more on how to prepare rice pilaf online.

6. Fattoush 

Fattoush is a favorite salad in Lebanon. Unlike your regular salads, Fattoush salads contain deep fried pita bread, several vegetables, and crisp lettuce. It is the perfect salad for anyone watching their diet but still want to experience the delicious meals here.

7. Manakish 

Manakish is Lebanese version of pizza. It is essentially bread topped with sumac, sesame seeds, thyme, and olive oil, and best served for breakfast. You can however enjoy manakish any time of the day. 

8. Tabbouleh 

This is a must-have dish when in Lebanon.  Its main ingredients include tomatoes, mint, parsley, and several other local herbs that come together to make a superfood. 

9. Sfeeha 

Sfeeha is basically a meat pie with a Lebanese twist. The meat-to-pie ratio is the first thing you will notice with sfeeha.  With all the meat, you can be sure to enjoy every bite especially when served steaming hot.

You don’t necessarily have to visit Beirut to enjoy most of these delicacies – some are relatively easy to prepare. All you need is follow chefs that specialise in Lebanese cuisine to learn a thing or two on how to prepare the same. The Chef in Disguise is a good example of on of the chefs you can learn from.

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