Lashes Are The One Beauty Expense Americans Won’t Cut Back On—Here Are Some Budget-Friendly, At-Home Options That’ll Save You Time and Money

As interest rates climb and the United States sits on the edge of a recession, people are cutting back on unnecessary expenses where they can. But for those who love beauty, looking good is feeling good. So some habits are hard to break. And a recent survey of 1,011 people by beauty and wellness platform StyleSeat found that while Americans are willing to cut back on makeup purchases and nail salon visits, they’re holding on to their lashes for as long as they can swing it.

“When your bank account is running low, there are things you have to do without,” reads a post about the StyleSeat survey on the company’s site. “Our survey revealed the beauty items and services people would cut back on first if finances were tight. The last item people would cut back on? Lashes.”

Whether you’re heading into a salon every few weeks for a lash lift and tint, popping on lash strips every day, or testing your DIY skills with at-home lash extensions, lash lovers are holding on strong. And it makes sense—lashes add life to your eyes and having them done can help you look more polished even on no-makeup days.

It aligns with the Lipstick Effect—an observation made by economist Juliet Schor, PhD, in her 1998 book The Overspent American. She found during times of financial hardship, women were more likely to splurge on luxe lipsticks that onlookers may notice them applying in public rather than the expensive skin care or eye makeup that they apply at home. While no one is putting on their lashes at dinner, lashes have become a status symbol in their own right with the rise of lash products and services that literally give you that I-woke-up-like-this beauty boost. As people flutter their lashes around town, they know their eyes are commanding attention and are ready to recommend their lash person to anyone who asks.

If you’re a lash lift girlie and still have it in your budget to head in for your appointments go forth (and remember that under no circumstances should your EVER DIY a lash lift). But if you’re ready to cut back while still looking fab, shop a few of our budget-friendly lash products that you can use at home for doll-like lashes.

Affordable at-home lash options

Wiwoseo, Natural Faux Mink Lashes (Pack of 10) — $9.00

Our editorial assistant Amelia McBride wears lash strips daily and loves this pack that gives you 10 sets of wispy lashes for $9. “Years ago, I solely wore the Ardell Double Up falsies. I had a very difficult time finding voluminous lashes that had enough curl to give me the doe-eyed look I was going for,” writes McBride. “These wispy bulk lashes from Wiwoseo deliver the fullness and curliness of the Double Up lashes for a fraction of the cost. For only $9, you get 10 pairs of reusable lashes, averaging to just $.90 a pop. They’re soft, super fluffy, and have the 3D fullness effect you’d be hard-pressed to find outside of a higher-end lash brand.”

Lanvier Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit — $15.00

Magnetic lashes are a great option if you hate the process of removing lash glue. These lashes are the kind that use iron-oxide-infused glue for the lashes to adhere to.  This kit comes with five pairs of reusable lashes so you can get that full look without the mess of traditional lashes.

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit — $45.00

If you prefer a long-lasting look, grab this extension kit from Glamnetic. For $45, you get two sets of lash extensions that can each be worn for up to five days. The kit comes with everything you need to apply the lashes in as little as five minutes.

Lashify Control Kit — $125.00

If you want to spend a little more in return for greater customization, Lashify is an amazing option. There are 18 different lashes, but each comes in varying lengths and some even come in different colors. They’re a little tricky to apply, but with practice and proper care, they can last up to 10 days.

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