How To Clean A Burnt Iron (Removing Burnt Cloth From Iron)

Last week Sherilyn burnt the new black pants that she bought from Shein whilst ironing it.  She was in a hurry to go out with her friends and had spent almost the entire day baking cakes.  

After spending the whole morning and afternoon baking two flour-free orange cakes (one for her grandparents in Ipoh and one for her grandaunt) and two chocolate cakes (one for her friend's birthday and another one for her grandaunt), she hurriedly ironed her pants for her girls' night with her former classmates.  Minutes later, she ran out of the room to show me her burnt pants with a big chunk of cloth that was stuck to the iron! She was totally devastated that her favorite pants couldn't be saved, not even after chopping off the long parts to make it into a pair of shorts. The hole is on the pocket part.

The cakes that Sherilyn baked. 

I think I know what she did that caused the big boo-boo. She of course said she did everything right and yet the pants got burnt. Oh well.  We've all been there and done that too.


The mil was fuming as the iron is an expensive one gifted to her by her eldest daughter who bought it from Hong Kong.  MIL told Sherilyn to clean up the iron or buy her another similar iron 😂

The damage done to the iron looked really bad. The fabric from the black pants melted and was glued to the hot iron.  The black pants was a total loss and no way could it be saved as the big hole was right smack in front.

As Sherilyn was already running late, she didn't have time to Google ways to clean a burnt iron.  She was busy dolling up herself for her dinner with her friends.  Alycia, begrudgingly volunteered to help as she wanted to use the iron.   She spent almost an hour googling ways (and cussing) and tried half a dozen of methods but none worked until she tried VINEGAR + BAKING SODA!  And voila, it worked like a charm.

The piece of burnt fabric came off from the iron's soleplate in one single piece, like a piece of thin crispy seaweed.  Cass, Alycia, and I were awed to see the burnt fabric peel off like magic!


Make a paste with equal parts vinegar and baking soda, dip a clean microfiber cloth into the paste, then rub it in small circles over the soleplate.

She used rice vinegar as we'd run out of synthetic vinegar.  Be sure to use a microfiber cloth.

On another note, Sherilyn also used rice vinegar to remove a big patch of matcha (green) stains off her white pants just a few days ago when she spilled hot matcha on it.  This careless girl damaged two of her favorite pants in less than two weeks.   The green stains came off almost completely from her white denim pants after the pants was soaked in rice vinegar and baking soda for three days.

The burnt piece of fabric peeled off from the iron's soleplate after rubbing the iron with vinegar and baking soda with a microfiber cloth.

After the burnt fabric is peeled off, continue using a microfiber cloth and filtered water to scrub off the stains off the soleplate.  

The iron is now 99.9% clean like before!

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