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Well, I’m on the other side of my Harrisburg trip and wow – what a weekend. I honestly couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better. I’ll share more in another post later this week but in short – it was wonderful to visit Studio B again and my cup overfloweth.

I wrapped up my weekend of teaching at 4p this afternoon and luckily the stars aligned for me to make a 5:15p flight back to Charlotte. I was originally scheduled on the 8p flight but decided to make a very last-minute switch to the earlier flight (thank you American same day flight changes!). I figured worst case, I’d miss it and be back on the later flight – there were plenty of seats available.

Not only did I make the flight but I did so with time to spare. I am not going to lie, I was little sad to turn in my zippy little Bolt. I am definitely not ruling out an EV when it comes to future car shopping.

I started working on this recent eats post on the flight home and I’ll push it live to you guys now! Enjoy!


scrambled egg breakfast

Cottage cheese scrambled eggs topped with sauerkraut, a mango and carrot maple oat banana bread. Isn’t this a fabulous look to be out on my front porch in a red UGA sweatshirt and bright pink slippers taking a photo of my breakfast? I long ago stopped caring what my neighbors thought about me photographing food outside. 🙂

overnight oats

Overnight oats at the gym between training clients. Plain greek yogurt, oat milk, chopped bananas, dried cranberries, cinnamon, chia seeds almond butter and blueberry ginger preserves.

FAGE peach

Packed breakfast at the hospital when I was at Duke with my mom. FAGE Total 2% with peaches, Purely Elizabeth Vanilla Chocolate Chip Granola, peanut butter and a banana. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time spent in hospitals this last year – it’s to always be prepared with food. I’m so glad I brought this because they asked me not to leave the waiting area during procedure.

banana egg white oatmeal

Oatmeal made with one ripe banana cooked in coconut oil until broken down to a mushy paste, cinnamon, raisins, oats, chia seeds, a pinch of salt, water and oat milk. I stirred in blueberries, an egg white and cottage cheese at the end. Topped with peanut butter.

I’ll try to post an updated banana egg white oatmeal recipe soon but in the meantime here is a base recipe to follow – add cottage cheese and egg whites.


salad with chicken and apples

Salad with mixed greens tossed with olive oil, balsamic and sea salt and topped with grilled chicken, avocado, feta, diced apples, beets, dried cranberries and pepitas. I’ve been on a kick with adding apples to my salads for the last few weeks. I like the crunch and sweetness.

salad with dino nuggets

Mixed greens tossed with olive oil, balsamic and sea salt (I’ve been using EVOO and balsamic a lot lately to dress my salads. The game changer is high quality olive oil and balsamic -makes it so good!). Topped with diced apples, chickpeas, croutons, carrots, goat cheese, dried cranberries and some of Finn’s dino chicken nuggets. I was out of avocados and other protein sources – the dino nuggets did the trick!

Trader Joe's kitchari

Trader Joe’s ready-made kitchari with buttered naan and a mandarin orange. Perfect lunch on a rainy cool day.

scrambled egg and sauerkraut toast

Toasted multi-grain bread (Whole Foods store brand) with butter and cream cheese. Topped with sliced avocado, scrambled eggs and sauerkraut. Love this meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simple, satisfying and full of healthy fats and protein.

salad with canned tuna

Same mixed greens with olive oil and balsamic situation and topped with avocado, canned tuna, cheery tomatoes, chickpeas, goat cheese, dried cranberries and rosemary roasted almonds.

tuna melt

Tuna melt with cheddar and avocado on honey wheat.

jersey mikes turkey mini

Jersey Mike’s turkey and provolone sub on wheat with lettuce, tomato, mayo, oil and vinegar. Salt and vinegar chips on the side. Love a good turkey sub sometimes and Jersey Mike’s makes a good one! Their mini subs are the perfect size.


salmon and roasted acorn squash

I want to start with a dinner that I have really been enjoying the last few weeks. Baked salmon with roasted brussel sprouts and acorn squash with salted butter and brown sugar. I seasoned the salmon with Dizzy Pig rubs and then gave it a squeeze of lemon.

roasted acorn squash

It’s so good! If you haven’t tried roasted acorn squash in halves – you must! I cook it flesh side down in a pan coated with olive oil until it’s easily pierced and then flip it over and put the butter and brown sugar in it and roast for a few more minutes to let it all melt and caramelize.

Reid's Charlotte chicken

Another iteration of that dinner but with roasted broccoli and a chicken breast pre-marinated in Spiedie sauce from Reid’s.

green coconut curry with tofu and vegetables

Green coconut curry with tofu and stir fry veggies over brown rice. I used one of the frozen stir fry veggie kits, green curry paste, a can of coconut milk and extra firm tofu. You can find a recipe for my favorite curry here – just sub green for red curry and I left out the eggplant this time.

grilled cheese on sourdough

Sometimes a girl needs a grilled cheese for dinner. Homemade sourdough with cheddar, colby jack and fig preserves cooked in a cast iron skillet with salted butter.

chicken noodle soup

Homemade chicken noodle soup and toasted, buttered sourdough. I used this chicken noodle soup recipe from my blog but omitted the turmeric. I also used these specialty egg noodles that were really thick and hearty. It made this post of soup feel more chicken dumpling-ish. Very filling!

Basmati rice cooked in chicken bone broth and topped with roasted cauliflower and a pre-made bruschetta chicken burger. Topped with hummus and ALDI spinach and artichoke tzatziki.

chicken, quinoa and beet bowl

One more bowl – this one with quinoa, another one of the pre-marinated chicken breasts, roasted beets, feta, hummus and avocado.

Whole Foods entree and sides meal

This is an entree + two sides dinner from the Whole Foods prepared foods case. I had a citrus roasted salmon, herb roasted fingerling potatoes and pecan brussels. I ate this same thing for dinner two nights in a row when I was in Durham with my mom because neither of us felt up to going out.



I had to laugh at Finn and I’s selection of cheesy, salty snacks when I opened the cabinet last week. We <3 Cheez-Its!

baking homemade sourdough bread

Back on my sourdough train! My last few bakes have been lackluster so when I was in Florida over Christmas I got some new starter from my dad. Good stuff! He’s sent me a new method he’s been using for his sourdough that’s no-mixer, stretch and fold and high hydration. I need to get up the motivation to try it. I’m so comfortable with this method that it’s hard to change.

My mom and I did go out for a good lunch in Durham at Dulce. We split a panini and both had a cup of soup. We took desserts back to the hotel with us. I had their carrot cake and it’s to die for. I am both glad and sad we don’t have this cake in Charlotte.

We have reached the end of this round of recent eats! I just finished eating a carrot cake cookie that I brought home with me from PA and I’m going to start thinking about heading to bed. My Monday starts bright and early with a 6a training client!


Are you a last-minute traveler or do you like to arrive early?

What’s your favorite winter squash?

Favorite salty snack? 

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