"Harry Potter" Actress Bonnie Wright Planned The Most Magical Wedding

Harry Potter fans love Ginny Weasley for her tenacity, strength, and wit, and the actress who portrays her, Bonnie Wright, is just as powerful. Wright might have tied the knot in March of 2022, but her latest interview with Brides lets us to relive the magic all over again (and get some never-before-seen shots of her special day).

Wright got married at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, California surrounded by friends and family. If we've learned anything from Wright's go gently YouTube channel, it's that she loves all things intentional and natural, and we're obsessed with how she showcased that on her big day.

"We loved the idea of being surrounded by bountiful growing nourishing plants as we said 'we do,'" Wright tells Brides. Thanks to all of the friends involved, the day was "intimate and easy to organize." You really can't ask for more when it comes to wedding planning!

Everyone at the wedding went down a walkway lined with flowers and rainbow arches, including the wedding party and the couple — all of whom stuck to the peach, yellow, and blue-green color palette. Pops of orange added a vibrant edge that feels flirty and fun!

When it came to the ceremony, Wright's personal touches truly shined. Her engagement ring was designed by her parents, jewelry designers Wright & Teague, and instead of traditional vows, the couple read each other love letters. One of Wright's bridesmaids also performed a song that she had written for them during the ceremony!

Weaving intimate and emotional details into your big day will ensure that it feels extra special.

pink rose cocktail

In addition to the bright colors, our favorite aspect of the event is the menu! Dinner was inspired by chef and friend Amanny Ahmad's Palestinian background, from salads with kumquat vinaigrette to rice and lentils with minted yogurt dressing.

The cocktails were also inspired by the bride and groom. The Wright Water featured sparkling rose, soda, and a slice of orange, while the Lococo Fire mixed mezcal, ancho reyes rojo, contratto aperitivo, and bitters.

And you can't forget the cake! Picnic Baked Goods provided a citrus olive oil cake with salted vanilla and swiss merengue buttercream and a flourless chocolate cake. Our mouths are watering.

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Featured image via Warner Bros. Pictures

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