Feeling Awkward on a First Date? 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Enhance Attractions


We all have faced the embarrassing situation of a “first date” with a male friend.

It’s fine if you find this man is not your type. However, sometimes you are obviously interested in him, but you are always ruined by “excessive restraint”, “embarrassment atmosphere” and of course, “I can’t find a topic at all”. You know that if you meet him a few more times, you will definitely be able to talk more, but sometimes you and he is just because of the unsatisfactory “meet for the first time” and game over.

Don’t worry, after reading the following 5 tips, you will no longer have to experience the annoying feeling of embarrassment, but make him/her quickly develop a good impression of you!

1Appropriately compliment each other

The best way to break the silence is to “compliment”. When you say “You look so beautiful today!” or “This dress is beautiful, where did you buy it?”, he or she will immediately feel your recognition. To discover both of your tastes or ideas might be compatible is very important for two parties who meet for the first time. Remember to avoid overly flattering or inappropriate compliments such as “You really look like Gigi Hadid” or “Your hip has a perfect shape” would definitely be counterproductive.

2.Smile, nod, and the eye contact

“Shallow smile”, “light nod” and “sincere eye contact” are the three core elements of conversation between people. Smile when he responds, and nod gently when you agree. Listen carefully to what the person is talking about, and at the same time let each other’s eyes meet. This will make the other person feel that they are valued and allow the topic to be continued unconsciously.

3.Sincere response, a natural manner

Everyone likes to talk about things about themselves, or areas they are familiar with and care about, so as your partner. Giving you a sincere response will make the other person feel the warmth. ‘’I just came back from Paris last week, the scenery and architecture there are really beautiful!”, maybe “It’s great! I heard that French food is also delicious, have you tried it?” will be more than “Yes, I haven’t been.” It makes people more willing to continue the topic, and a natural manner can also make you appear more confident and enjoy the meeting in the eyes of the other party.

4.Choose safe topics

The purpose of meeting for the first time is nothing more than to learn more about what we have in common. At this time, “yes or no” or “like or dislike” are relatively safe and appropriate topics. “Have you seen Wonder Woman?” ?” will be easier to answer than “Is there any movie you want to watch recently? In case you have never heard of the movie he/she is interested in, it will be embarrassing.

5.Avoid overly in-depth questions

It is a good thing to get to know each other as soon as you meet, but it takes time and space to develop a relationship between couples. Try not to ask him something like “how did you break up with your ex-girlfriend?” or “Will you be more successful in five years than you are now?”. Not only is it unreasonable, but it will make the other person feel like you are interviewing, and that you are the interviewee rather than the date. If you are more tactful, use “Do you want to talk about your past relationship?” and “Do you have any dreams or things you must do in life?” to start and test the other party’s bottom line.

Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash
The most important thing on a first date is not to force yourself and the other party. Being aggressive is always useless, but it will make your impression greatly deduct. You are both free and not bound by any contract. If you really find that each other is not suitable for a lover, treat him as an ordinary friend’s daily dinner.

In short, let everything take its course. Maybe you can finally chat with each other more relaxed and comfortably.

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