Enter this contest for a chance to win an amazing Father’s Day prize package

What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day? You spoiled your mom so it’s only fitting to get dad something. You could give him something from Best Buy. I’m not saying you must buy something. You could pen a poem of appreciation and recite it over a loudspeaker for the whole neighbourhood to hear. He’d like that. But if you are planning on a quieter gift, one that you purchase from Best Buy, then this contest might inspire you with a few gift ideas.

Will this be the best Father’s Day ever?

I have days where I can’t help but think in superlatives. I wake up at the best time, eat the most amazing granola, drink what turns out to be outstanding coffee … and my day just gets better from there. Imagine if that was the kind of day your father had on Father’s Day. You can make that happen. But you have to start preparing immediately. Especially if you want it to be an over the top Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

A more than perfect day is within reach. And I’m going to suggest three over-the-top ways to make your dad surprised and amazed.

  1. Remind him of his first car: For most of us, our first car holds a special place in our hearts. For this surprise to work, you need to find out what your dad’s first car was. Once you get that simple piece of information the rest is easy: get some cardboard and recreate that vehicle in cardboard, as lifelike and realistically as your artistic skills allow. Your dad will be touched by the effort, the sentiment, and he’ll applaud your creative use of cardboard (just like many people have done for a different contest we ran on the blog).
  2. Get him in the gaming spirit: June is not only the month of Father’s Day, it’s also gaming month. Best Buy goes over the top during gaming month with the biggest contests, amazing deals, and fantastic announcements. Enter those contests and you might win a great gaming prize. However, if your dad is really into gaming then I suggest you create a gaming experience your dad will never forget: a neighbourhood tournament. Organize each home in your neighbourhood to plan one game. On Father’s Day, go from house to house playing Mario Kart in one home, Scrabble in another; charades in the third, etc. Win or lose, he’ll never forget the effort you made and fun you all had together.
  3. Gourmet day with dad: Is your dad a foodie? This is the day to make his food dreams come true. Make a list and prepare as many of his favourite dishes ahead of time as is possible. Scour the internet for recipes and perhaps even practice a few at a friend’s house to ensure you can pull off this once in a lifetime culinary experience. Is your dad into pancakes? Find the most extravagant pancake recipe like caviar and cream cheese or gold leaf and berries. Then repeat this process for lunch. If you are really adventurous, you could pretend that dinner too will be home-cooked, then surprise him with a visit from a personal chef (you can find one in most major cities these days)!

Over the top gifts also come from Best Buy

I know I said you don’t have to get dad a gift, and two of my suggestions above can be done with very little monetary expense. But if you do want to get him a gift, I prepared this amazing prize package full of gifts he’ll love. In keeping with the theme of this article, I’m going to explain each item in the prize pack as elaborately, and “over-the-top” as I can in a single sentence. Here are the five items pictured at the top of this article:

  1. Arlo Essential Cam Security Bundle: Incredible wireless security that he can put anywhere then view thieves (or more often raccoons and stray cats) right on his phone in vivid colour! (see the review on the blog)
  2. Nextbase 522GW dash cam: Yes your dad is the best driver, but this will protect him from all those other drivers on the road … capture their un-indicated lane changes like never before. (see the review on the blog)
  3. Instax Mini 12 instant camera: this pink wonder cam captures family memories and prints them out … yes, he’ll get hard copy photos of his children that he can string from one end of his office to the other. (see the review on the blog)
  4. Jlab GO Air earbuds: these are likely as good or better than the best earbuds he has worn. Seriously, they are low cost AND amazingly high quality (just like his children!). (see the review on the blog)
  5. Sizzle BBQ plasma lighter: this is my personal favourite. The coolest dads on the block have the coolest lighters on the market. It’s electric so no gas to burn; it’s electric so charge it up and it’s ready; it’s electri-fyingly cool (worth repeating if you ask me). (see the review on the blog)

The winner doesn’t have to choose which part of this prize they like best because for the best Father’s Day contest we are awarding the winner all five prizes. Imagine your dad’s face when he opens that prize!

How to enter

This contest is easy to enter and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, using as many superlatives as you can think of, tell us how great your dad is, and tell us which part of this prize pack would be his favourite.
  2. First visit the Father’s Day page at bestbuy.ca, then in a different comment below, still using superlatives in your comment, tell us which item on that page you consider to be the most incredible gift someone could get from Best Buy for Fathers Day.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, one random entry will be drawn. That winner will receive: a Arlo Essential Cam Bundle, a Nextbase 522GW dash cam, an Instax Mini 12 instant camera with film, Jlab GO Air earbuds, and a Sizzle BBQ plasma lighter.

This contest runs from June 9th to June 23rd.

Remember you can enter in two ways here on the blog. However, you likely know many other people who would love to have the best Father’s Day ever and might get a kick out of some of my stupendous suggestions above. They might also want a chance to win this contest, so you should tell them about this crazy, incredible contest.

Father’s Day Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

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