Easy Sourdough Starter Personal Pizza Crust

So when I was working on growing my sourdough starters (I have two), sometimes I would take the discard, put it into a cake pan, and bake it. Most of the time I would then wrap this thin piece of baked starter and put in the freezer. What I discovered is that these little rounds worked as a pizza crust for personal size pizzas! Since the crust is already cooked, this makes for a quick lunch or dinner with little prep involved perfect for moms with little ones, or anyone who needs a fast meal but doesnt want to be buying convenience food too much!

This is my second sourdough starter. The reason I have two is because I felt like the first one I tried wasnt working like it should have been (although its better now) and I wanted to try again. I used the instructions from Traditional Cooking School to start this one. Heres a link to their website is youre interested in making your own: https://traditionalcookingschool.com/

Quick money saving tip: the jar Im using for my starter is a Classico pasta sauce jar that I saved. If you want to reuse jars like this, Classico is a good brand to buy because their labels are paper and come off pretty easily. (And Classico doesnt pay me for saying that, just to be clear!)

Now, on with the pizza crust!

All you need to do is feed your starter, let it sit and rise for several hours, then pour (or spoon) the starter into a greased cake pan in a thin layer, less than a 1/4 inch in thickness. Now place your pan into an oven preheated to 400 degrees and cook for approximately 18 minutes. Once cooked thoroughly, let the crust cool completely, wrap in plastic wrap, date it, and store in your freezer until needed.

Note: I always cook mine in my small toaster oven, so cooking time may vary depending on what you bake yours in.

And thats it! I hope you find this helpful and a healthy alternative to store bought pizza crust.

Also, if youre interested in instructions on how to use sourdough starter as a full size pizza crust, check out this post: https://www.farmhouseonboone.com/farmhouse-on-boone/how-to-make-easy-sourdough-pizza-crust/

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