Doom & Destiny Worlds (by HeartBit Interactive)

Doom & Destiny Worlds

HeartBit Interactive S.r.l.
Stranded and naked on a shore of an unknown planet, four friends wake up afflicted by the most common video game disease…
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Stranded and naked on a shore of an unknown planet, four friends wake up afflicted by the most common video game disease: amnesia. Who summoned them? Why are they here? How will they return home? What’s for dinner? WHAT IS DOOM & DESTINY WORLDS Doom & Destiny Worlds is an open world turn-based single player RPG with crafting, building and farming. Craft your way through crazy cosplaying goblins, farting stone giants and cursed genies across more than 60 hand-made islands. Gather resources, customize your party, and unravel the mystery that shrouds the three worlds of Doom & Destiny Worlds. IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! Take advantage of every tool at your disposal to overcome Doom & Destiny Worlds many challenges! - The Dynamic Crafting System (DyCS) allows you to use blueprints and any available crafting material to create custom made weapons, armors, drinks and explosives! - Defeat enemies to level up your party and unlock Feats and increase your Abilities to equip awesome weapons and create unique Classes to suit your playstyle. - In Doom & Destiny Worlds, turn-based battles take place in real-time. While you fight, enemies can join the fray as reinforcements adding extra layers of challenge! IT’S IMPORTANT TO CHILLAX! You might need to find a way back home, you might be the chosen and be required to save the world, BUT even a Hero needs to relax. - Play with the highly interactive open world of Doom & Destiny Worlds. - Feel free to exploit nature: mine tunnels, dig canals and rise mountains. - Create your personal camp. Craft forniture or steal it from around the worlds. - Tired to gather fruit or to buy it from the local monster grocery shop? Grow it yourself! Farm sweet fruits, magical berries, interesting vegetables and prepare healthy snacks and grown-up drinks. The limit? Your imagination... And the number of slots in your inventory.
Seller:HeartBit Interactive S.r.l.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jul 30, 2022
Updated:Nov 18, 2022
Size:620.3 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal

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