Dinner in a Pinch: Spicy Olive Oil Pasta

When we’ve had a busy day that leaves us short on time and effort, the last thing we have energy for is a complicated dinner at night. One of our favorite quick and easy meals to make on days like this is a spicy olive oil pasta. This recipe takes about 15 minutes and is a lifesaver after a hectic day!

Our recipe is inspired by the Midwest Foodie Blog – I usually switch out the freshly sliced garlic for a jar of minced garlic instead, double up on the crushed red pepper because we love spicy, and skip the capers (not a fan). The pasta is light, spicy, then we usually pair it with a baked fish like tilapia or mahi mahi – and voila! You got an easy dinner ready in less than 20 minutes!

For the Recipe, Click Here.

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