Diary of a Homemaker’s Week: And It Was Good

Saturday:  John asked me Friday night, "Are we going out tomorrow?" "Gee I hope so!"  "Me, too!"  We didn't know where nor what we'd do but John suggested we at least plan to go to lunch.  I told him we still had plenty of funds on our gift cards for our favorite restaurant, but I really didn't want to go to Perry, as much as we appreciate that restaurant for it's cozy atmosphere and superior service. Looking online I found there was a franchise in the town in the foothills and so we headed in that direction.  We always have such a feeling of being on holiday when we head up that way.  

It turned out the restaurant was new, which explains why we'd never seen it before.  We liked the place as it was roomy, brighter than the Perry location, with the same good food and excellent service.  And bonus, we had those gift cards that more than covered our meal.

We took a different route home and were astonished both at the new houses we saw along the way and how very dry the fields and such looked up north of us. Obviously, they'd not had rain even longer than we'd gone without it.  

John offered to stop by the Peach Shed but I passed on the idea.  I could have used the fruit and it is hard to pass up peaches, but truth is I felt that I just didn't need to spend any more on food. 

We came home, a good bit earlier than we typically would.  I wish I could say it was all peace and calm here at home, but honey, it wasn't!  Caleb was wound up tight, Katie beyond her realm of patience. The children played and shouted, John had the tv up too loud, grown-ups yelling at kids...At one point, I felt I could scream myself and did finally yell at everyone to just stop.  John took one look at me and turned off the Tv.  He at least is sensitive to when I've been triggered too hard with noise.  He directed the children to quieter activities.  I was relieved when everyone settled in for the night!

A movie John has watched before and wanted to see again was "Ghost Town" with Ricky Gervase.  I'd not watched it with him previously, so it was all new to me.  It wasn't bad.  The premise is that a dentist who is anti-social has a minor surgical procedure and after he's recovered discovers that he can see ghosts all about his city.  They all have unfinished business.  I'll leave it at that.  It's a romantic comedy though it might not sound like it.  I do recommend it.  No nudity.  

Sunday:  Made it to church this morning and glad to have been there.  We heard the second sermon in our pastor's series "Summer Baggage".  Arriving early means we have time to chat with pastors and others, 'fellowship' is as important as the service itself, in my opinion.

We came home where I rushed to make lunch.  The children are always so very hungry when I come in.  Yes, they've eaten breakfast and not so long before I arrived, but that Sunday dinner drives them to the kitchen to hang about me as I am trying to put together our meal.   

Today the children played more hide and seek.  Caleb likes to do the counting and so we're using that play time as an opportunity to help him count to 10.  He's doing very well, but somehow almost always manages to skip '2'.  If I recall correctly Josh always skipped over '6', lol.

John and I enjoyed the peace and quiet while Katie and Caleb took Taylor back to her dad.  I may have had a nap sneak up on me.  In between, I watched the movie, "The Accountant" with John.  It was an interesting action film with Ben Affleck and John Lithgow...I'll recommend it.  I didn't hear too much language if any at all.  I honestly can't recall.  But the story line was interesting for sure.  Not quite the hackneyed action film we've watched over and over under various titles.

When Katie returned Caleb came indoors just crying uncontrollably.  It's not just that he misses his sister, but that he was overtired and weary.  He'd also soaked through his pull up and clothes.  John and Katie put him in the tub which automatically helped calm him down.  I'd read that it was a good way to reduce a child's overstimulation and allow them to relax.  He was perfectly happy after that bath and quickly settled into a much quieter and happier self.

Katie had plans yesterday evening so I put Caleb to bed around 7pm when his eyes were obviously heavy.  He was asleep within a half hour.   

We watched a weekly vlog that we both enjoy and then the next to last episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel.  I can't say I really like this season much.  The fashion is still gorgeous, and the use of color is absolutely wonderful.   As we watched last night, John remarked, "I think I just like the colors used back then."

What is difficult is the chaotic family and the inability to see clearly the value another person has.  As well, in an effort to make the last season wind up everything, there are flashbacks and flash forwards and then the 'present' to sort out.  

After the programs on tv, I tucked into a new but old book.  It was published in 1943.  Prodigal Women was written by Nancy Hale.  I actually stumbled across her name at the back of one of the vintage Emilie Loring books I was reading.  Apparently, she was also published by the same company and since I enjoy the Loring books, I was hoping I'd find some 'new' old authors to enjoy.  I found the book in the midst of a pile of filthy books at a local salvage store.  So far, I'm intrigued by the start.

Monday:  A peaceful enough day at home.  I puttered indoors, puttered outdoors, puttered indoors some more.  Caleb went peaceably from one thing to another, playing happily on his own.  

I could see we'd had a bit of rain overnight, something we desperately needed, and the plants responded to it immediately.  I don't care that we do have good well water, rainwater is just the best form of water as far as plants are concerned.

I actually laid down today and took a brief nap.  I'd love to say it was refreshing and to some degree it was, but as usual, once I was dozing off a computer volume was turned up louder than you'd think it might be and I was snatched awake, only to doze and waken again.  Finally, I dozed once more until an internal voice clearly said, "It's been ten minutes."  I don't know just who the timekeeper was, but I'd liked to have had a few minutes more rest.  However, I was compelled to follow the command of the unknown and got up.

 I've puttered in the kitchen this afternoon. I have meats thawing for the rest of the week, am already rethinking my menu to include another dish that will help use up an item I have on hand.  We'll see how that goes.  I made a Quiche for supper since tonight it's Katie, Caleb and me.  John has the Pastor's Men's Meeting tonight.  

Today is Josh's birthday.  I was asked to stop by on Tuesday with his gift, but we called him on video this afternoon and sang Happy 'Day to him.  He told me he'd helped his dad make his cake, a Red Velvet.  Sam has become quite the accomplished baker, being a big fan of The Great British Bake Off.  He's really expanded his skill set since he started watching that program and now, he's all too willing to explore far more difficult frostings and baking methods than anyone I know.

John went off to Men's Meeting and I am enjoying peace and quiet, all by myself.  It's lovely and much needed!

Tuesday:  I made a new to us dessert yesterday, one I watched Julia Pacheco make on her vlog the other day. It was really good, very rich though, and of course, when John got back in last night, we were eating a bit of it as a late dessert.  I purposely cut into small pieces but not quite small enough.  The sugar hit me along about midnight and there I was, owl-eyed.  I finally settled into sleep but woke along about first light and laid awake for a good bit before dozing off once again.  I feel far more rested today than I ought to though.

I piddled a bit this morning, not getting much of anything done.  Finally, I settled myself down and went to work in the kitchen.  I now have supper ready to heat and eat tomorrow night, a long cooking side dish cooked for supper tonight and have made lunch and am now making good use of the over ripe bananas.

Through one delay and another we will be heading over to gift Josh his birthday presents here shortly and to have a piece of his beautifully decorated cake.  In the meantime, John and Caleb are lying down.  Caleb isn't resting by any means...that means John's not really getting any rest either.

later:  It was a very small 'party' for Josh this year and incredibly pleasant.  The four children played well together and enjoyed their visit.  Caleb was on his best behavior as was Millie.  Josh was thrilled with his birthday gifts.  The cake was incredibly good.  Each of the children took a turn on my lap.  Happily, Bess was home, and she and I snuck out on the porch and had a lovely long conversation without interruption from anyone and without having to talk over others.  I truly enjoyed the day.

Wednesday:  This is apparently our movie week.  We go through stages of watching films and then again, we go through stages where John does nothing but watch every channel he's subscribed to, a variety of old drama/sitcoms tv reruns, etc.   Last night he was flipping through the movies on Prime and I was intrigued by a fantasy film that had an intriguing title, "Three Thousand Years of Longing".  There is some nudity in this film, but I absolutely loved the film.  

Woke this morning early to the deep and continual rumblings of thunder.  We've had lightning and rain as well.  Right now, it's clearing off once more, but the forecast is for rain to continue for the next 7 days.  It is not constant rain but intermittent heavy showers, cloudiness and sunshine.  The plants are all loving it.  The grass will no doubt grow like it's been on steroids but John will not be able to mow until we have a drying out period.  At least the temperatures are mild to go with it, which means the gardens will keep blooming.

I was up early this morning but instead of coming right out of the room, I took time to go over my checkbook and bring it up to date.  I'm not quite done with it.  I took an hour just to get the current bills up to date, plan the rest of the month, etc.  I found in going over our statements that my phone bill never posted.  Since the check went out three weeks ago, I went online to check and there it was marked as past due.  I went ahead and paid it online with the debit card.  I told John that if the check finally arrives and posts we'll just be ahead.  Since the other checks mailed at the same time have all posted just fine, I've no idea why the phone bill is seemingly lost.

No big plans for today.  I've done all the work ahead I care to do.  Supper tonight is ready save the cornbread I'll make. We've plenty of desserts.  All I need worry about now is lunch.  What shall that be?

Thursday:  Every now and then, bad news comes along, doesn't it?  Not quite the disaster and panic ensued this go round as it might have in the past. It's nothing earth shattering or life threatening, just more stuff that happens. We move on.  Damage this time is much more minimal than in the past when we've had an unexpected occurrence.

The rain, thunder and lightning are continuing.  The lushness of all the living things outdoors are a good reminder that any storm brings along some good into every life.  There are benefits even when it feels like there aren't.  

I'm afraid we've done much of nothing these past two days.  The rain makes us all want to just hunker down and do much of nothing and that's all we've done.  I've played games, colored, read.  Caleb plays and watches his Kindle or tv.  John follows right in with the rest of us and watches tv or plays on his computer.  Cleaning has gotten done but in small increments.  

I'll play catch up next week when I start packing up the kitchen for real.   Honestly having lived now with about half my things packed up it's a good time to ask myself how much I'll bring back.  As with all things, too much is too much. 

Looked out the window yesterday and saw a Doe going across the yard at a good pace.  Today at lunch, Katie called me to the window and there were twin fawns, tiny little things, down in the same area prancing about in the sprinkling rain.  It's good to see our wildlife is flourishing, too.

Friday:  Katie was home, so John told me last night we'd go get groceries today. I bought everything on my list, a total of about 15 items.  Y'all.  Ow.  Just let me say that.  We did add considerably to the buggy picking up some really good markdowns on meat items, but all, even though half the items on my list were on sale came up to a stunning sum.  Just ow.  

It's been a busy day for us.  We cleaned prior to leaving home.  I unloaded the dishwasher, stripped the bed and remade it, cleaned our bath, put away clothes John had washed.  

I took items by the UPS store to return to Amazon.  This is such an easy process.  I just pulled up the bar codes and they scan.  I didn't have to package, address, or even pay.  I will be credited Amazon gift certificate for the returns.  I don't mind that at all.  It spends as well as any other form of payment.

We got haircuts.  This time I had my photo of the hairstyle I was after.  It's very very short, but I really like it.  I find that as I've gotten older my cowlicks are getting worse.  They only poke out in place where I can see them and it makes me itch to trim my own hair, something I cannot do and don't need to consider doing.

Then into the grocery.  That Ow factor came despite the lack of sweets, snacks, beverages, etc.  Just real honest food items that I'll cook myself.   Zowie.

As we came back home today, we came across the doe and her twins.  They are so new, the paint is still fresh on them.

And that was our week.  I do hope yours was just as good or even better!  Do tell us all about it.

(C) Terri Cheney

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