Dating Woes? Try These Date Night Ideas to Find a Spark!

By Sanjana Vig

Dating isn’t easy, neither is getting to know someone new. These date night ideas are sure to help spruce up your efforts!

Trying To Find a Spark?

It’s getting harder to get to know people. Online dating culture can skew your expectations, games are played, lies are told, and not enough effort is made. All of this creates a recipe for awkward first dates, giving up too easily, and failing to make a connection.

It’s time we make dating fun again. Remove the pressure and remind yourself that you are getting to know someone. Use these fun date night ideas to break the ice, get a sense of who your date is, and see if you can get a sneak peek into their real personality.

Food & Drink

Pick a unique restaurant or themed venue! You’ll get a chance to expand your palate and see if the other person is willing to challenge their comfort zone…and how far they’re willing to go.

Any specialty, niche restaurant is also a great choice for trying and bonding over a unique experience.

Alternatively, consider trying out cocktail bars, speakeasies, breweries, or whiskey tastings, etc. Some speakeasies and bars have the option to order “bartender’s choice” where you just tell them the flavor you like and they’ll throw together something based on that alone! It’s another way to push your own boundaries and see how open the other person is to trying new things.

Hike or Bike

An easy way to get outside, a hike, or a bike ride together allows you to get physical and explore a trail or new area. This activity also helps to facilitate great conversation.

Beach Day

Aside from laying out on the beach, you can go swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, jet skiing, and a whole plethora of other water sports. There’s also beach volleyball, throwing a Frisbee, building sandcastles or just taking a walk. There’s no shortage of options, and nothing is too out there.

Miniature Golfing

Playing games, even something as simple as miniature golf, is a great way to see how competitive the other person is. Along the same lines, you can visit a driving range, or play top golf if your town/city has it.

AX Throwing

A bit like throwing a really heavy dart and another way to incorporate a little friendly competition. Plus you can see how someone else handles a weapon.

Road Trip

If you feel comfortable enough, take day trip to a nearby town to explore! The time on the road is valuable for talking and asking all the questions. You’ll also get a sense of whether or not the driver has road rage and may learn a little bit about how they handle difficulties, e.g. getting lost, getting stuck in traffic, taking a wrong turn.

The Zoo

Anything involving animals is a valid way to see if your date is willing to go back to the child in them. We all need a little innocence and playfulness. Memories from visiting the zoo as a kid can come up and you may learn things about his/her past that wouldn’t come up otherwise!


Whether its history, art or science, museums offer a lot of information about our past, potential futures and sometimes just have cool stuff. You may find some shared interests here.

Plan a Trip Together

If things are going well and you’re ready to travel together, then setting time aside to plan a trip together is a great date night option. Bust out some wine and have a date night in planning and brainstorming ideas! Everyone has a different travel personality. You’re learn if your partner is a planner or prefers to wing it.


Date night (or day date) with a blanket, some food and fresh air is a great way to get outside and get to know someone. Important takeaways include, how much of a mosquito magnet your partner is, how quickly they burn in the sun, and how comfortable they are eating on the ground.

Cooking a Meal Together

Working on a new recipe together can be a lot of fun, a challenge, and also very enlightening. Some people hate cooking and prefer doing dishes. Some are the complete opposite. Some like to clean up as they go, others leave the clean up till the end. How crazy you drive each other will definitely come to the surface, but this activity can make for a fun romantic night in too!

Take a Class

Cooking, painting, brewing beer, yoga, dance, an exercise class together…whatever you choose to do, make it hands-on and interactive. Along with spending quality time together, you’ll potentially learn a new skill!

Play Video Games

Whether it’s the classic Super Mario Brothers, or some modern game that you’re completely unfamiliar with, video games are a great rainy day activity (or if it’s too hot to be outside), and fosters healthy competition. Add in some booze and I think you’ll have a fun and entertaining evening.

Go Shopping

Probably another activity to try once you’re a few dates in. But a partner who can be patient with you while you peruse your 12 millionth shoe? Winning.

See Comedy Show

What better way to learn each other’s sense of humor?

Skating Rinks

If it’s summertime you can go roller skating and in the winter you can go ice skating. See how agile your partner is!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This option isn’t everywhere, but could make for a really unique date night. Hopefully, your partner isn’t afraid of heights, because the views would be amazing.

Go Horseback Riding

If you’re both adventurous enough, this could be one of those fun date ideas that you tell stories about afterward.

Go Apple Picking

Depending on the seasons and where you live, apple picking, berry picking, or visiting a pumpkin patch are also good ways to spend time together.

Fun Date Ideas for Group Dates

Group dates are also a fun date idea and can help you meet each other friends. Getting a sense of who someone chooses to be close with, and their bond can give you some insight into how that person handles their other relationships.


I find sleeping in a tent to be a bit more fun when you’re in a group. There are many more stories to be had, random things you can do, and you can split up depending on interests making it easier for people to do things that are fun for them.


Girls vs guys? Your friends vs his/her friends? Bring on the competition and really ugly shoes.

Game Night

Trivia night at a bar, or board game night at home, either is a great option for spending time with each other and your friends.


Live music and dancing. Two activities that can’t be beat and you get to explore each other’s taste in music and dancing.

Escape Rooms

Test each other’s critical thinking skills, ability to work as a team, and get some laughs while you’re at it.

Ball Games

Sport fans? Ball games are a fun date idea with a group versus just two people. It’s easier to get hyped up, you can have a buddy to go to the bathroom with or get food if you need it.

Laser Tag

In a group setting this could be a lot of fun, and then you can grab food or drinks after and talk about what happened!

Amusement Parks

You’re never too old to get on some rides and play some games.

In Summary

Dating should be fun! Get creative with how yo spend time with someone and use the opportunity to really get to know them.

Dinner and drinks, going to the movies, etc. are still classic ways to spend time together; however, if you’re looking to mix things up, to get to know someone a little more quickly, or even have someone with you while you explore different activities in your area, then these fun date ideas will hopefully get you the inspiration you need to plan your next date night.

Final Thoughts

As annoying as dating can be, try to make dating fun again and stay positive about the whole process. Plus, you owe it to yourself to find someone that you really get along and click with. Trying new activities together is a sure-fire way to open up someone’s personality.

No matter what, remember that everything happens for a reason. So, take a chance on some fun, plan something a little different, and be on your way to finding your person.

Original post published by The Female Professional and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.


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