Chicken Marsala {with Creamy Marsala Sauce}

Chicken Marsala {with a creamy sauce!} - this classic Italian-American chicken recipe includes tender, perfectly pan seared chicken cutlets, and flavor enhancing browned mushrooms, and it's all covered with a richly seasoned marsala wine, garlic and herb sauce.

Four servings of chicken marsala in a large skillet covered with creamy chicken marsala wine and mushroom sauce.

Who doesn't love a dish like this that you can make at home and skip the $20+ restaurant price tag per serving?

This Chicken Marsala recipe is equally as good as what you'll get at an Italian restaurant so it’s the perfect thing to make on your own, and of course a great dish to serve to guests.

And my version comes together quickly since you reduce the marsala wine separately while the chicken and mushrooms cook. I'm all about saving time.

The other great thing about this recipe is the addition of heavy cream. It really just improves the overall consistency, richness and flavor of the sauce. It helps balance out the acidity of the wine.

It’s a classic dish that does not disappoint!

Then with the leftover marsala wine why not make homemade cannoli? It would make for a dinner sure to impress anyone lucky enough to enjoy!

Close up image of single breast of Chicken Marsala View the Recipe

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