Black and Gray Decor Spiced With Hot Red Accents & Lush Terrariums

Black and gray home decor, spiced with hot red accents, makes a sleek and edgy look that leaves a lasting impression. In this inspirational black, gray, and red home interior, visualized by Dasha K, bright accents are incorporated through statement lighting and throw pillows in the sophisticated living space. The warm accent takes a turn in the bathroom, where it morphs into a coral hue that colors distinctive bathroom basins. The color-saturated pieces energize the home with exciting pops of interest. Wood tone components expand upon the visual warmth in the shape of modern wall paneling, a walnut kitchen, and a wild headboard feature wall. Indoor plants elevate the aesthetic, filling large terrariums and mini courtyards.

In the shadowy gray and black living room decor scheme, a modern floor lamp stands out with a vivid red stem.

The red floor lamp leans over the gray living room sofa, where it’s complemented by a couple of matching red scatter cushions. The TV wall is a textural triumph of dramatic black rock. Atmospheric light creeps out from behind the TV mount and trickles between the contours of the stone.

A modern black side table wraps the edge of the gray couch, keeping drinks and snacks close to hand while watching TV.

An ottoman coffee table fits into the sectional sofa arrangement, creating a break in the backrest. The low segment gives the furniture layout an open flow.

The back of the living room is enlivened with a large terrarium, which houses an abundance of indoor plants. The green plants make strong contrast with the red decor accents and give the home interior a lush and uplifting aesthetic.

A mini courtyard is planted at the base of a spectacular modern staircase. Mature shrubs stand tall under the gray stone treads.

The eye-catching staircase design is precisely lit with LED ribbons, fitted at the base of each riser.

Orb floor lamps make mood lighting amongst the courtyard plants.

A smoked glass wall offers a tinted view of the garage and the cars parked there. Clear glass balustrades leave the viewpoint unhindered.

The living room includes an open plan formal dining room and kitchen. A black dining table and chairs contrast darkly against the light wood flooring.

Clear glass dining room pendant lights make an attractive trio along the length of the rectangular dining table.

A long kitchen island divides the room, separating the eating area from the culinary space.

Black bar stools seat four people at the large kitchen island. Muted red pendant lights create a tumbling focal point of color above.

Full-height walnut units cover one whole wall of the kitchen, making warm contrast with cool gray base cabinets and gray stone countertops.

The master bedroom has a tropical retreat aesthetic. A custom-built terrarium filled with palm plants makes a lush headboard feature and a picturesque perimeter. Unique bedroom pendant lights drop in front of the headboard terrarium to achieve a bright, layered look.

The bedroom pendant lights fall low to a pair of stylish modern nightstands, which are upholstered to match the gray platform bed.

A black end of bed bench darkly punctuates the bedroom furniture arrangement with an elliptical silhouette.

A bedroom reading nook is fashioned beside the window.

The reading nook is furnished with a comfortable chair with ottoman set and a sleek modern floor lamp.

The master bedroom suite includes a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room. Dark gray and black decor prevails in this space, along with warming wood accents. A wooden dressing table fits across the window, where natural light aids makeup application at the vanity mirror.

The vanity chair matches the dining chairs, so that it can be utilized for extra dinner guests when needed.

Walnut units are fitted on one wall of the walk in wardrobe and a comprehensive open closet system covers the other.

An island of drawers stands at the center of the walk-in wardrobe. Small accessories are stored and displayed under its glass top.

A second walk-in closet features a narrower island with a similar accessories station. This closet has no window, so a custom-cut mirror is installed to expand the sense of light and space, as well as for checking one’s appearance.

Thin LED ribbons illuminate the clothing rails and garment shelves. Shoe storage trays are lit from above to aid selection.

An incredible rock feature wall dominates the black and gray bathroom scheme. A black bathtub is placed in front, accessorized with a black faucet and a matching floating toiletries shelf.

The accent color in the bathroom shifts to a rich shade of coral. Two unusual coral basins disrupt a black stone vanity unit.

The bespoke double sink bathroom vanity unit crosses the full width of the bathroom, striking a dark line across the floor-to-ceiling window.

Tensioned vanity mirrors are installed in front of the window glass, where a bed of white pebbles provides light relief from the dark decor scheme.

The border of white pebbles draws around the bathroom perimeter in an L-shape, ending behind the bathtub.

Indoor plants grow from the stone-lined floor.

Full-height storage units hide away obligatory bathroom supplies, leaving the room tranquil and luxurious. Narrow shelving towers display a few choice items on either side of a black vertical radiator.

Clean towels stack neatly on the end of the lengthy floating vanity unit.

The powder room is a theatrical black box, spliced with lush green terrariums.

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