and, she did it!!!


Sonja Kathleen, so proud of her!
Grace, Irene, Sonja, Carmen...such sweet girls.

Camille, Evelyn, friend Nellie and her sister Irene, Sonja, Carmen, Grace, Char
Aww, with Paul and was a very nice little ceremony.  Emily and Mariel were there too.  The younger girls all went out to dinner afterward, I was pleased and thankful they included Charlotte and Camille.  We went home, Paul had work to do, and I had some scrambled eggs and sausage for dinner.  Miss Sonja doesn't want a graduation party, and that's okay.  In fact, the big graduation ceremony for the college is tonight, and she isn't going.  She simply isn't interested, one celebration is enough, I guess.  I don't mind at all, we would gladly go, but shh, I'm not complaining.  We already know that this entire class is destined for greatness, they are the future, and they will succeed.  :)

Here's a funny/sad/laugh/cry:  Sonja has a cousin who just graduated from college, very smart girl, she got a brand new car from her parents.  I grudgingly got Sonja Chili's takeout.  To be fair, my brother has two kids.  And I did let Sonja use my nice new car to drive back and forth to nursing school and to the hospitals for clinical days.  She'll be using it to drive to her new job until she gets one of her own.  That's how we helped her onto her own two feet.  I guess we just shouldn't compare, we do what we can.  I cannot take credit for Sonja's success so far, but you can probably guess how challenging it is to go through nursing school with someone...the ups and downs and tests and corrections and and and...and it's been five times for me now.  (Abigail, Ben, Joseph, Samuel,  Evelyn also went to college, just wasn't as stressful, to me, anyway)(Well, maybe Abigail, as she got her accounting degree).  

So what else is going on...hmmm.  The pool is running, the pump/filter working, and next week will be warm and sunny!  It's not clean yet, but it wasn't bad when we uncovered it, so it won't be long.  It's so chilly right now, we had a frost last night, brrr.  

I have to bring Camille in on Monday morning, early (way too early!) to get her knee checked out.  She has a huge lump on it, and it's worrisome.  The doctor saw it, but said it was probably swelling and would go away.  It hasn't, so we wonder what it is.  

Charlotte Claire has a two hour delay tomorrow, the school has to practice them, or the teachers have a meeting, not sure, but she decided a while ago that it will be a day off for her.  

We have two small camping trips booked for the summer, and I'm super excited.  I don't know why I love camping so much.  It's Lake Ontario camping.  The first weekend, Margaret and Adrian also have a site, and the second Ben and Ashley have one (and we're right across from the beach!).  I prefer Adirondack camping, but when you're in a tent, three nights is good enough, and the beaches on Ontario are much closer for us.  That means that anyone in the family who doesn't want to camp, can come up for the day, and it's so much fun.  

Just summer, with bare feet and warmth and more spontaneity....fires on the deck, and crickets and the smell of sunscreen...what's not to love?  Well, besides the mosquitoes.

I've puttered around here this morning doing laundry and cleaning counters, putting things away, watering plants, and feeding the pets.  I ordered more dog chow, and I took care of the bottles and cans.  Kathryn is coming over to get me, and we're going out and about.  I feel like history has repeated itself, as I used to pick up my own mother to bring out and about.  I have become my mother.   (When we went for ice cream last week and I pulled a clean wet washcloth out of my purse, I WAS MY MOTHER.  Wipes?  they didn't exist.  And heaven forbid you waste paper towels!  

Have a really good day.  :)

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