55 Unique Tacos: Recipe Ideas to Level-Up Taco Night!

~ Tired of the regular ol’ taco night routine? {*yawn*} With 55 truly unique Tacos Recipe Ideas to choose from, your taco dinners will never be boring again! Perfect for creative family meals or extra-fun taco party buffets. Take your taste buds on a wild ride with excitingly different taco recipes that are guaranteed to level-up your fiesta vibes, anytime! ~

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Buckle up, taco fans … it’s about to get rowdy!

If you’re like my family (and a bit tired of the typical ground beef with iceberg lettuce taco scene) then you’re gonna LOVE all this easy inspiration comin’ your way today!

Seriously ALL Kinds of Crazy Unique Taco Ideas!

We sorted through literally hundreds of unique tacos to come up with this fiesta-worthy showcase. And it’s truly got something for everyone!

  • Oh, sure. There are still plenty of beef tacos. But they’ve gone in tempting new directions. (Asian fusion, anyone?) Plus, there are fun ideas for spiffing up chicken. And even more exotic tacos like bison, venison and elk!
  • And veggies? Yeah … we’ve got ’em! From BBQ cauliflower to crispy chickpeas and beer-soaked sweet potatoes. Livin’ on the edge with kicked-up lentils and jackfruit, too. With practically every type of slaw, salsa and garnish you can imagine. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just a veggie lover like me, there are so many ideas that’ll make you rethink your taco nights (again and again)!
  • And of course, there are mahi mahi, shrimp, lobster and tilapia tucked into our list. With sauces and marinades and spice rubs to make them shine like never before.
  • Breakfast and dessert tacos, too! (I am totally not kidding. They’re so brilliant – you’ll love ’em!)

Different Tacos for Practically Every Occasion!

Maybe you need a quick and easy weeknight family dinner idea (wahoo … Taco Tuesday any day of the week!).

Or maybe you need taco bar ideas for a fun Cinco de Mayo taco party, or even as a unique addition to your game day tailgate menu.

No matter the occasion, there is absolutely gonna be a fresh, exciting idea here for you.

Basically, we’re talkin’ tacos for anybody and everyone. All day long, anytime you want. A taco revolution … with no more boring tacos ever again!

Unique Taco Recipes


DIY Ta-Cones: Fun, Portable Taco Cones

These playful, inventive "taco cones" are kinda like the ultimate, portable walking taco. The taco meat is scrumptiously loaded with corn, black beans, onion, cheese, salsa, cilantro – the works. Simply set out a range of different toppings and let the DIY creativity begin!


Mediterranean Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

Tender chicken is cooked with Mediterranean spices and drizzled with a hummus dressing. It's the perfect backdrop to mix and match toppings like roasted red peppers, artichokes, Kalamata olives, cucumbers and baby spinach. This deliciously different taco dinner idea works great as a fun taco bar for parties, too!


Chocolate Tacos

Photo Credit: www.lovefromtheoven.com

A glorious finale to your taco dinner menu! Sort of like a sundae, in a taco shell ... how fabulous! For lighter versions, besides low-fat ice cream, you could also fill them with bananas or berries, or a yummy flavored yogurt. Lots of ways to get creative with the toppings and fillings!


Ahi Tuna Tacos

Photo Credit: chefsavvy.com

Love ahi tuna sushi? Then this unique recipe is a must-try! The tuna is taco-seasoned and quick-seared, then nestled into flour tortillas with cabbage, fresh cilantro and radishes. A drizzle of spicy sriracha mayo is the ideal finishing touch! (Note that you can use whatever mayo you have on hand, so to keep things healthier, be sure to choose a lower fat, clean mayo such as one made from avocado oil.)


Corned Beef Tacos with Creamy Spicy Mustard Sauce

Shredded corned beef gets a chic update with trendy microgreens, a simple cabbage and carrot slaw, and that creamy, spicy mustard sauce. You'll definitely want to bookmark these for St. Patrick's Day. But why wait?!?


Garlic Lime Shrimp Tacos

These are no ordinary shrimp tacos. These are comin' at ya with layer after creative layer! First, tender shrimp are marinated in garlic, lime, paprika and a bit of kicky chili powder. And then they've got a garlic-laced jalapeño and cabbage slaw, a homemade sriracha-lime taco sauce, an avocado and tomato salsa, plus a finishing drizzle of sweet chili sauce and a sprinkling of feta. Yeah ... WOW!


Indian-Spiced Paneer Tacos

Photo Credit: indiaphile.info

This clever Indian-Mexican fusion features scrumptious chunks of Indian paneer cheese in a spiced yogurt marinade, topped off with a cilantro-jalapeño crema. So easy, too – you can make everything ahead of time and simply reheat the paneer before serving!


Tex-Mex Migas Breakfast Tacos

Photo Credit: littlespicejar.com

Tacos for breakfast?!?! Yes, please! This Tex-Mex favorite is perfect for a quick, hearty breakfast. Cheesy soft-scrambled eggs are loaded with broken tortilla chips, onions and peppers. Terrific with sliced avocado, pickled onions and salsa for drizzling or dipping!


Lime Teriyaki Shredded Beef Tacos

Photo Credit: theforkedspoon.com

Moist, juicy, slow-cooked meat is piled high and topped with shredded cabbage, diced white onion, pickled red onion, cilantro and sesame seeds. It's a dump-and-cook recipe that harnesses unique flavors without being difficult or fussy.


Greek Lamb Tacos with Cucumber Pico de Gallo

Photo Credit: burrataandbubbles.com

So pretty! Ultra flavorful taco meat is topped with creamy sauce and refreshing salsa, all with uniquely Greek flair!


Quick Rotisserie Chicken Tacos with Smashed Avocado

Such a great idea to use rotisserie chicken for a speedy dinner solution! But don't go thinking these are boring. No way! A scrumptious avocado spread, quick-pickled red onions, salsa verde and cotija cheese create an EASY yet memorable taste sensation you'll turn to again and again on busy nights.


Pumpkin Spice Tacos

Photo Credit: theallnaturalvegan.com

A celebration of autumn's best! Warm, savory spices (similar to those used in jerk seasonings) elevate roasted autumn pumpkin to taco-worthy status!


Middle Eastern Tacos de Adobada

Photo Credit: hildaskitchenblog.com

This recipe is a unique fusion of Mexican and Middle Eastern flavors. Diced pork is marinated in a vibrant roasted chile salsa, vinegar, and shawarma seasoning, then seared in a skillet and served up in corn tortillas. Oh yum – no wonder this recipe has such great reviews!


Lentil Walnut Tacos

Photo Credit: lettucevegout.com

Lentils team up with crunchy walnuts, soy sauce, tomato paste, garlic, onions, plenty of delicious spices, and a bright hit of lime. Since this recipe happens to be vegan, it's great for adding extra veg-forward meals to your rotation. But don't worry ... this flavor-packed recipe is fully approved by non-vegans, too!


Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos

Photo Credit: agratefulmeal.com

Mmmmmm ... crunchy, salty, sweet, spicy, and creamy ... all in one taco! The shrimp are oven-fried, then drizzled with a sweet-and-spicy bang bang sauce, and topped off with crunchy broccoli slaw tossed with a cilantro, honey and lime vinaigrette. Big flavors in just 30 easy minutes! (Pssssst ... and remember to choose a healthier mayo like one made with avocado oil.)


3-Ingredient Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

This is absolutely the most popular recipe we've ever published – through 10 whole years of recipes. What's unique here is that you can so easily create huge impact with just 3 ingredients and virtually no effort (thanks, slow cooker!). You can very simply roll your tender, slow cooked chicken taco meat in tortillas and call it a day. Or gather favorite toppings like cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes to create a DIY taco bar for events like potlucks, Super Bowl parties and casual graduation parties. Truly versatile!


Bulgogi-Style Korean Beef Tacos

Photo Credit: www.siftandsimmer.com

This modern Asian fusion twist is inspired by the popular, sweet and savory nuances of bulgogi beef. The recipe is written for the Instant Pot, but the post gives alternate crock-pot directions, too. Or, for a stovetop variation, try these Kalbi Korean Short Rib Tacos!


Tortilla-Crusted Taco Pie

Photo Credit: healthyrecipes101.com

Classic taco flavors piled into tortillas with a unique taco shape ... PIE! Savory and comforting, this wholesome taco pie will delight any Tex-Mex lover. So grab a fork, and give your taco night a fresh, new spin. (Note that you can sub any ground meat, so choose very lean ground turkey or chicken or extra-lean ground beef to keep it lighter.)


Easy Lobster Tacos

Photo Credit: blackberrybabe.com

Love lobster roll sandwiches? Then this is your new-favorite taco recipe! Succulent lobster is accented with a fresh lime slaw and a drizzle of creamy, spicy, taco-seasoned sauce.


Tofu Tacos with Peanut Sauce

Photo Credit: www.sharethespice.com

Cubes of extra-firm tofu are pan-seared and bathed in a punchy Asian marinade. But wait ... it gets even better! A flavor-packed peanut sauce and crunchy slaw elevate this quick, vegan recipe to superstar status.


Jerk Chicken Tacos

Channel some Jamaican-style island vibes with not-too-spicy jerk chicken, accented with crunchy shredded cabbage, juicy pineapple and a creamy jerk dressing!


"Taco Bell" Spicy Potato Soft Tacos

Photo Credit: thebellyrulesthemind.net

Potatoes in a taco?? Yup ... it's a thing. (Even Taco Bell says so!) This yummy take on a Taco Bell favorite will keep you from hitting the drive thru and satisfy everyone in your family. Great in a soft flour or corn tortilla, or even hard taco shells.


Cornmeal Baked Avocado Tacos

Photo Credit: createmindfully.com

Instead of using your avocados in guacamole, try this! Creamy avocado slices are dredged in spiced cornmeal and baked to golden perfection. A colorful corn and two-pepper salsa adds bright, zingy contrast. So terrific, finished with a unique cilantro lime sauce!


Salmon Tacos with Coconut Rice, Roasted Veggies and Spiced Yogurt Sauce

Photo Credit: marleysmenu.com

Every bite of these delicious tacos hits you with the perfect balance of salt, acid and heat. You've got creamy and subtly sweet coconut rice as the base, plus spicy oven-roasted corn, red onion, and salmon, and then fresh avocado and a tangy, citrusy, and slightly spicy Greek yogurt-based sauce. A lighter take on tacos that doesn't skimp on big, BIG flavors!


Gochujang Cauliflower Tacos

Photo Credit: urbanfarmie.com

Spicy-sweet Korean gochujang brings a huge hit of umami to the super-unique taco sauce, mixed with tahini paste, soy sauce and a spritz of lime. It's the perfect coating for crispy, oven-roasted cauliflower!


Venison Tacos

Lean ground venison is classically seasoned with tomato paste and Mexican spices. It cooks up quickly, without the extra grease you often get with a ground beef taco recipe. Great in either crunchy or soft shells, piled high with your family's favorite taco toppings!


Instant Pot Chicken Tacos

Where are my Instant Pot fans??? I had to include this one for you! Although the pressure cooker is a unique preparation method, the results are still DELICIOUS! It's a fast, easy dinner idea for busy weeknights, but also an ideal addition to a taco bar party or Mexican fiesta, served up with a variety of toppings so everyone can choose their own taco adventure!


Thai Green Curry Tacos

Photo Credit: strengthandsunshine.com

Mexican tacos are reinvented with Asian flair in this super-fast (8 minutes!) recipe. A medley of veggies gets a flavorful bath in green curry paste, coconut milk, lemon grass and lime ... all nestled into blue corn taco shells for a speedy fusion dinner that'll change the way you think about tacos!


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Garlic Tacos with Chicken Sausage, Bacon and Sweet Peppers

Photo Credit: juliarecipes.com

From the roasted sprouts and garlic, to a bit of smoky bacon, to hearty sausages ... there's so much going on here! Plus, there are ideas for making this recipe even more unique with twists like Thai Peanut Tacos, Korean, BBQ and more. To keep these lighter, note that you can use turkey bacon and sub Greek yogurt or avocado in place of the sour cream.


Portobello Mushroom Tacos

Photo Credit: littlesunnykitchen.com

Start with a backdrop of aromatics and then sauté sliced, meaty portobello mushrooms (or whatever mushrooms you happen to have) with homemade taco seasoning until they're beautifully tender. Then simply wrap 'em up in warm tortillas with some of the delicious recommended toppings! For an even more unique twist, try these Korean Barbecue Portobello Tacos, too.


Crispy Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Tacos (+ Other Buffalo Taco Ideas)

Photo Credit: biteswithbri.com

Bold buffalo flavor isn't just for chicken wings! These ultra-crispy tacos feature melty, browned cheese with a homemade jalapeño ranch dipping sauce. You can use leftover chicken to keep this recipe quick and easy, and lighten it up by subbing Greek yogurt for the sour cream. (Psssst ... no air fryer? Get your buffalo fix with this oven-baked version. Or go vegetarian with these Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos or even vegan with this stovetop version.)


Kimchi-Topped Japanese Breakfast Tacos

These beauties are loaded with avocado, fried egg, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, and spicy kimchi! Pro tip: if you roast the potatoes in advance, these take just minutes to throw together in the morning.


Easy Al Pastor Shrimp Tacos

Photo Credit: healthfulblondie.com

Sure, you might normally think of tacos al pastor involving pork. But this 15-minute recipe just might change your mind! Wholesome and vibrantly tasty, with seasoned shrimp, fresh pineapple, refried black beans, and a tangy homemade carrot slaw, all served on toasted corn tortillas. Or, try this crazy-unique technique for making slow-roasted Chicken Al Pastor!


Pork Tenderloin Carnitas Tacos

Photo Credit: feastingnotfasting.com

This recipe cleverly uses a leaner cut of meat than traditional recipes for healthier, delicious, juicy pork tacos. And they're so easy to make in your slow cooker, Instant Pot or the oven. But what makes them really unique is the suggestion to give the shredded pork a final, quick trip under the broiler to create fantastic, crispy little "burnt ends"!


Honey-Lime Roasted Black Bean and Veggie Tacos

Photo Credit: joyfoodsunshine.com

Boldly seasoned, roasted veggies are bathed in a dressing of honey, lime juice and cilantro before being nestled inside tortillas with your favorite toppings. These vegetarian tacos are so simple ... and so simply delicious!


Blackened Tilapia Tacos with Crema and Cabbage-Poblano Slaw

Photo Credit: sabrinacurrie.com

Lots of great reviews on this super-fast fish taco recipe, and it's easy to see why! Tropical island vibes are yours in a jiffy, especially since the spicy crema taco sauce and the slaw can be made ahead. If you can't find tilapia, no worries – any mildly flavored white fish should do the trick.


Mexican Street Corn Chicken Tacos

Inspired by the popular "Street Corn Salad" side dish you see practically everywhere these days ... what a creative idea to add the salad right on top of your tacos! Or, if you wanna go all-in on the veggies and skip the chicken, try these vegetarian Mexican Street Corn Guacamole Tacos.


Grilled Elk Steak Fajitas (and Elk Heart Tacos)

Photo Credit: peaktoplate.com

Besides the very unique choice of meat, the magic of these fajitas is in the marinade, which bursts with acid from citrus juice and red wine vinegar, and piles on extra layers of flavor from cilantro, jalapeño, garlic, cumin, and ancho chile powder. Sub venison, moose or antelope if you'd like. And, in the spirit of using every part of the animal, you've gotta try the REALLY crazy-unique recipe for Elk Heart Tacos, too!


Jackfruit Tinga Tacos

Photo Credit: oohlalaitsvegan.com

So saucy with a hit of spiciness! These are traditionally flavored with a unique combination of fire roasted tomatoes, onion, garlic, cumin, oregano and smoky chipotle. The recipe is super-fast in the Instant Pot, but also includes adaptations for skillet, wok or crock-pot. And if you're lovin' the tinga flavors here, try these Vegetarian Roasted Cauliflower Tinga Tacos with Chili-Lime Slaw, too!


Taco Omelette

Photo Credit: goldentruffle.com

Who says tacos have to involve a taco shell?? In this inventive recipe, an omelette stands in for the tortilla, perfectly encasing traditional taco fillings. (Pssssst ... this is a great way to use up leftover taco fixin's from dinner!)


Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Sauce and Mango-Corn Salsa

Photo Credit: www.killingthyme.net

Beautifully seasoned, char-grilled mahi-mahi is tucked into pillowy, soft tortillas with a mango salsa featuring grilled sweet corn, creamy avocado, crunchy red cabbage, and (of course!) juicy mangoes. All of this goodness is then drizzled with a velvety yogurt-based jalapeño sauce. You'll be making these tasty tacos all summer long!


Easy Leftover Turkey Tacos

Photo Credit: www.thefreshcooky.com

So smart! Transform leftover turkey (looking at YOU, Thanksgiving!) by simmering it in a mixture of orange and lime juices, green chiles, honey and spices, plus sautéed onions and garlic. Your holiday leftovers will never be the same!


Crispy Chickpea Tacos with Sunset Slaw

Photo Credit: www.nourish-and-fete.com

Skip the refried beans and try chickpeas instead! This recipe showcases chickpeas that are quickly crisped in a skillet, with simple seasonings that deliver big time Tex-Mex flavor. They're topped with a festive, crunchy slaw and creamy chipotle-spiced cream sauce for high-impact tastes and textures.


Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Photo Credit: makeitskinnyplease.com

No taco shell needed here, friends! This lighter, leaner recipe uses crunchy lettuce to hold all your taco-y goodness, saving the calories of a taco shell or tortilla! If you adore this idea, try this veggie-loaded version and this shrimp-stuffed version, too.


Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Watermelon Salsa

Photo Credit: www.chocolatemoosey.com

It’s fresh. It’s vibrant. It’s kinda like summer, all wrapped up in a taco! The cool watermelon salsa is an unexpected counterpoint to the heat from the kicky shrimp.


Ranch Chicken Tacos

These easy, family-friendly tacos have a double-hit of smoky ranch flavor in both the seasoned chicken and the quick cilantro lime ranch sauce, making them ingeniously different from other chicken taco recipes. Even more family-friendly?? They're ready in just 30 minutes!


Grilled Fish Tacos with Pineapple Rhubarb Salsa

Photo Credit: www.flavourandsavour.com

Rhubarb ... on fish ... in a taco? Yeah, that's pretty unique! The tart rhubarb adds some crunch to offset the sweet and juicy pineapple, and the zesty red onions and jalapeño in the homemade salsa. A cascade of creamy avocado dip balances it all out. Definitely something different for taco night!


Easy Flank Steak Tacos with Salsa Verde

Photo Credit: blackberrybabe.com

When it comes to beef tacos, think outside the typical crumbled ground beef routine with this simple recipe! These are made entirely on the stovetop, with no grilling needed. The flavorful spice rub relies on common pantry staples to create its magic, and you can lean into store-bought salsa verde for the final flourish, or make your own with an included recipe.


BBQ Cauliflower Tacos

Photo Credit: iheartvegetables.com

Just 5 ingredients in these easy tacos, but they're still so flavorful. Make them in either the air fryer or traditional oven. And don't miss the list of all sorts of topping suggestions to round out your taco dinner menu!


Pancake Tacos

Photo Credit: practicallyhomemade.com

How fun is this?!? Your kiddos will be so excited – whether you serve these up for brunch, or a breakfast-for-dinner surprise! Be sure to note that there are lots of ways to vary the fillings and to keep these healthier (like smoked salmon or even vegetarian fillings).


Mediterranean Style Tofu Tacos

Photo Credit: www.acedarspoon.com

Crumbled tofu is seasoned with a medley of paprika, oregano, cinnamon and garlic powder, and baked until just perfectly crispy. Pile on more Mediterranean vibes with a "salsa" of tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and lemon juice, plus tangy feta, fresh parsley and green onions. Perfect for Meatless Monday or Lent, 'cause you'll never even miss the meat!


Winter Ale Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos

Photo Credit: www.rhubarbarians.com

Calling all beer lovers! This one's for you ... and it's so easy to make, too! Winter ales are typically darker beers with strong malt profiles and often include spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves ... all of which makes them terrific with the sweet potatoes, which are oven-roasted to a scrumptious golden brown.


Bison Tacos

Photo Credit: inthekitch.net

Almost the same flavor and texture as classic ground beef tacos, but with leaner meat! This recipe is ready in just 20 minutes, with lots of tips and plenty of versatility in toppings, so the whole family can enjoy tacos THEIR way.


Tacos de Atún (Canned Tuna Tacos)

Photo Credit: thriftandspice.com

Wait ... what?!?! Tacos made with canned tuna? Yup ... it's happening! That canned tuna in the back of your cupboard is deliciously transformed with onion, garlic, kicky chipotles in adobo sauce, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Ultra fast and definitely out-of-the-ordinary!


Halloumi Tacos with Tropical Salsa

Photo Credit: scrummylane.com

Such a yummy contrast of sweet and salty flavors in this Greek-Mex fusion recipe! Whether you pan fry or air fry, you get delightfully crispy halloumi cheese, which sets the ideal backdrop for the bold, fresh salsa. A drizzle of Greek yogurt chili sauce, and dinner is ready in no time!

More Taco-Inspired Ideas to Rock Your World

Wanna REALLY think outside the tortilla? These recipes take taco flavors to all sorts of new, delicious places …

Or try one of these …

No matter what you choose, it’s gonna be an adventure!

Say goodbye to those boring, same-old-same-old ground beef tacos, and shout HELLO to lots of must-try, unique tacos with all these recipe ideas that’ll rock your taco-lovin’ world!

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