5 Best Sam’s Club Prepared Meals That Are Reader-Approved!

These 5 Sam’s Club prepared meal options can be a lifesaver on busy evenings; give some of the Sam’s Club premade meals a try!

woman with Sam's Club Prepared Meals

Heading to Sam’s Club? Try out one of these yummy prepared meals!

We could all use a little help in the kitchen some nights. It turns out, Sam’s Club has some pretty terrific prepared meal selections to choose from. And most of them require little to no meal prep!

After sharing my favorite prepared meals at Costco, many readers asked for a helpful Sam’s club version, so today I’m excited to share my recent faves from Sam’s Club!

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woman cooking sam's club taco kit

To be honest, I shop more frequently at Costco because it’s much closer to my home and I’m pretty much obsessed with all things the Kirkland brand. So we asked readers on Facebook what their favorite prepared meals are from Sam’s Club, and their helpful responses gave me lots of inspiration!

Note: I feel like most Sam’s Club members already know that rotisserie chicken is always a great option so I purposely chose to go beyond that choice to feature other ideas.  

holding a pan of manicotti

Anytime I don’t have to cook from scratch, it’s a win! 👏

When I purchased these meals the cashier said, “Hey, this looks like my kind of cooking!” HA! I can so relate to that, even though I do cook and share recipes for a living! These types of quick options can help keep your sanity when there’s no time or energy to cook, and can also save money from ordering take-out.

cart with sam's club meals

I am excited to report back that I am pleasantly surprised at how great tasting the following Sam’s club prepared meals are! I would 100% buy all of them again in the future.

1. Member’s Mark Chicken Taco Kit

chicken taco kit sam's club

Total Approximate Price: $16.44 ($5.48/lb)

Tacos are one of our favorite meals and this yummy chicken taco kit has everything you’ll need for a fun taco night! It has lots of seasoned shredded chicken that you can quickly warm up on the stove along with soft tortillas. There’s even some salsa and a great-tasting cilantro lime creme sauce, shredded cheese, cabbage, and lime wedges.

sam's club tacos on the stove

As far as taste goes, I enjoyed the chicken so much! It has lots of great taco seasoning flavors and makes some satisfying and hearty tacos, too. We all loved this kit and it was the perfect amount for my family of four!

members mark chicken taco kit

If you’re wondering how this compares to the Costco version of a similar kit, we liked it just as much… maybe even a little more! 😋

2. Member’s Mark Cheese Manicotti

sam's club cheese manicotti

Total Approximate Price: $11.94 ($3.98/lb)

If you love melted cheese, marinara sauce, and pasta, then this cheese manicotti meal will not disappoint! Not only does it come out of the oven looking so beautiful, but it tastes amazing as well!

I love that it only takes about 30 minutes in the oven to get bubbly cheesy results and there is no prep work at all.

baked cheese manicotti from sam's club

We absolutely LOVED this one. My kids attacked this comfort meal and there were no leftovers. 😂 I served it alongside a bag of Caesar salad for a super easy meal between baseball and softball practice. The sauce had lots of great flavors… I was impressed!

sam's club cheese manicotti cooked

Sam’s Club cheese manicotti is a perfect meatless meal!

3. Members Mark Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese in store

Total Approximate Price: $8.70 ($4.48/lb)

Even the most finicky mac and cheese fans will love a bubbly cheesy pan of the Sam’s Club version! We inhaled this and next time will likely buy two of these. As a meal, this would maybe feed 2 or 3 hungry people. Luckily I had some leftover pork tenderloin and roasted veggies to fill in the gaps to make this an outstanding dinner!

oven baked mac and cheese sam's club

In fact, my kids loved this mac and cheese so much, I already have requests from my family to buy it again! The texture isn’t soggy at all and it’s so incredibly comforting. I love how there is extra shredded cheese that melts perfectly on top to create a nice crust.

pan of baked mac and cheese sam's club

I have tried and hated store-bought prepared mac and cheese before and this experience is much different. We really enjoyed the Sam’s Club version and it doesn’t get much more convenient than throwing a pan in the oven! I love that it’s affordable and the taste is great.

4. Member Mark’s Hatch Chile Enchiladas

member's mark hatch chili enchiladas

Total Approximate Price: $14.98 ($4.68/lb)

If you’re in the mood for green enchiladas, these hatch chili ones will fit the bill! Oh my gosh, these are cheesy, creamy, a bit spicy with pepper jack cheese, and overall a great pick if your family loves Mexican food like mine does.

enchiladas sam's club

Once again, this is a zero-prep meal with an oven-safe pan that is convenient to bake and surprisingly delicious! I am a little bit of an enchilada snob and if it’s bland or plain, they are not for me. My family enjoys hatch chilis and was excited to try them in enchiladas.

biting into sam's club enchiladas

I love how the cheese gets bubbly and browned at the top as well as around the edges for excellent texture, and there is lots of yummy chicken in the enchiladas as well. The sauce is creamy and has a bit of bite to it, but not too spicy for kids in our opinion. I scooped up the leftover sauce on my plate with tortilla chips. SO YUM!

5. FujiSan California Crunch Roll

crunch roll sam's club

Total Price: $7.68

Need a quick meal for one? This crunch roll was pretty tasty and not bad for a fast lunch or dinner option. Even for store-bought sushi, I honestly enjoyed it! It has crab, rice, avocado, and cucumber and is topped with crunchy onions. A little bit of soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi is even included on the side.

I wanted to highlight Sam’s Club fresh sushi because they have various options with different sizes and trays available. If you don’t want to heat up a whole pan of something, this could be another yummy option since it’s ready to eat right away.

sam's club sushi

Their sushi is made in-house and seems pretty popular!

Honorable Sam’s Club premade meals mentions:

Sam's Club cart full of groceries

We asked all of you to share your favorite Sam’s Club and Costco meals on our community Facebook page, and we can’t wait to try everything!

Below are just a few of the delicious honorable mentions of the best Sam’s Club prepared meals:

Now your turn! If you are a fan of Sam’s Club prepared meals, please share with us in the comments your favorites so we can all get ideas!

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