20 Romantic Balcony Lighting Ideas You’ll Love


Nothing beats the romantic feeling of having dinner on your balcony or having some quality time with just two people in love. As the days start to warm up, you may want to bring a romantic feel to your balcony shape, no matter what the size. Adding pillows, blankets and some furniture might be the best decision, but nothing can quite match how warm and cozy a lighting idea can be.

When the sun starts to set and darkness envelops your outdoor gathering, lighting is the only thing that will bring you closer to your couple. I think any relationship will become stronger depending on the mood of the day, and spending time alone with your couple will feel more relaxed by choosing the right balcony lighting ideas.


Romantic Balcony Lighting Ideas

The balcony may be the only outdoor area you have when living in an apartment or urban dwelling. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to turn this small space into the most cozy place outdoors. If you want to make it romantic, you can play lighting ideas here. You’re no longer limited to outdated street lamps or spotlights, outdoor lighting is now simply beautiful. Some people like to dimly light their balcony, and if your balcony design is open then hanging string lights is the best idea. Hang string lights on the wall, balcony railing or ceiling to blend in with the starry night light. Another idea, use a lantern or candle which always makes your partner feel romantic.








Romantic Balcony Decoration

Many people want to have an open balcony where they can relax or just enjoy time with their loved ones. So, how to decorate a balcony to make it feel romantic? First, pay attention to the safety and privacy of your balcony by installing a balcony railing or cover, then decorate with flowers or lighting ideas to create a romantic atmosphere. Bring your and your couple favorite furniture, it can be a cozy bench, chair or sofa. So that the romantic evening doesn’t sink into the darkness, also add romantic balcony lighting ideas, such as candles, lanterns, pendant lamps and string lights. Another idea, throw in some pillows and blankets to warm up your long nights. Enjoy!












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