This step by step guide with pictures shows how to save gerbera seeds from plants in your garden

These seeds are easy to collect and store so you will have these beautiful flowers for the next season.

Gerberas are a part of the daisy family and are commonly known as the African Daisy. These plants are a favorite with flower lovers as they make beautiful cut flowers with their large colorful blooms.

Gerbera plants are native to tropical areas in Asia, South America and Africa. They are a perennial in warmer tropical regions however they are grown as an annual in temperate and cool areas.

In climates which experience frosts it is important to collect the seeds at the end of fall (autumn) so they can be replanted in the spring.
Choosing Plants to Save Seeds From
Always save seeds from healthy plants which have produced the largest blooms in a color which appeals to you the most.

Be aware that many gerbera varieties are hybrids and so the color of the seed may be different from the parent plant. If unsure then try planting the seed and see what you get. You might like the resulting flower better!
Saving Gerbera Seeds
Gerberas have large seeds which are easy to collect and store.
Tools and Materials Needed Plate or Container Airtight Container or Bag Label – These top rated reusable Pantry Storage Labels can be written on with a white board marker then easily erased saving on waste and money. They are great value on Amazon. (Paid link) Instructions
How to save gerbera seeds from your garden.
Leave the Flower to Dry
Leave a flower to completely dry on its stem. The petals will drop off leaving the dried seeds in the centre with a white fluffy end.

Cut the Stem
Cut the stem then place the flowerhead on a plate. Leave to completely dry. The seeds should easily fall from the stem.

Seperate the Seeds
Separate the thin white seeds from the fuller darker seeds. Discard the thin seeds as they will not germinate.

Label and Store the Gerbera Seeds
Store the gerbera seeds in an airtight container then label with the contents and the date collected. Place in a cool, dark and dry place away from direct sunlight.

More seeds will germinate when they are stored in the fridge. This is not necessary in areas with cold winters as long as the seeds are kept in a cool place.

Condiment jars are the perfect size for storing seeds. Simply wash out with warm soapy water, rinse then leave to air dry before using.

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