This Is The Easiest Way To Stop Your Food From Getting Stale

Mini Food Sealer

When it comes to keeping food fresh, air is often the enemy. Air can dry food out, introduce germs, provide opportunity for pests, and more! And while food storage containers can solve this problem, they work best with foods you want to store long-term.

But what about foods that are going to get eaten or used within a week or two? In my opinion, pouring a half-eaten bag of Doritos into an airtight container for a week just doesnt make much sense!

So whats the best way to keep snacks and other short-term foods fresh? Thats exactly what well be exploring in todays post! :-)

A Better Solution For Short-Term Food Storage

When it comes to Doritos, tomorrows lunch, or even ingredients for Fridays dinner, we need not surrender ourselves to staleness, nor a sink full of dirty food containers. At least, not if you have a handheld food sealer at your disposal! :-)

mini vacuum sealer

This battery-operated mini food sealer is an ideal solution to the problem of short-term food storage. Just close it over one edge of an open bag, then slide it across to create a seal that keeps air out!

mini vacuum sealer

This sealer works on many different types of plastic bags, as well as foil bags and even bags meant for vacuum sealers. Here are a just a few of the useful things you can use it!

3 Useful Things You Can Do With A Mini Food Sealer

mini vacuum sealer

1. Keep Snacks Fresh

From bags of chips to that half-eaten granola bar from lunch, this sealer can help you keep your favorite snacks fresh! Its also a great way to ensure that your lunchtime leftovers or the snacks you brought from home wont spill inside your purse or work bag.

mini vacuum sealer

2. Reduce Waste

With the help of this sealer, you can reuse plastic packaging that might otherwise go to waste. For instance, the liner bag from your box of cereal could be rinsed out and used to store sliced vegetables for dinner later in the week!

mini vacuum sealer

3. Cut Bags Open

The non-sealing end of this gadget offers another useful feature: a sharp cutting tool. This is a handy option for cutting open bags youve sealed, so you dont have to go find a pair of scissors or struggle to rip it open.

mini vacuum sealer

Need More Power? Upgrade To A Vacuum Sealer

While its great for sealing up snacks and leftovers, this mini food sealer isnt powerful enough to help with long-term food storage. For that, consider upgrading to a vacuum sealer!

mini vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers can remove the air from a bag of food before sealing, ensuring that it will stay fresh for days to weeks longer than standard storage methods. Its ideal for preparing foods for your freezer, as vacuum-sealed foods are much better protected against freezer burn.

mini vacuum sealer

To learn more about the many benefits of using a vacuum sealer at home, check out this blog post!

Do you have a favorite method or tool for keeping food fresh?