Surprise, Klein has a New Tool Box System

Klein Tools ModBox Tool Box System

Klein Tools has come out with a new modular tool box system, “Mod Box.”

The new Klein Mod Box system looks to be launching with a small tool box, medium tool box, rolling tool box, half-width tool bag, and a backpack.

Klein Tools ModBox Latching System

The tool boxes and bags look to stack and latch together with a cleat-type connection, similar to Milwaukee Packout.

The Mod Box system will feature side-mounted attachments, such as a parts bin and cup holder.

The cup holder swings as the tool box stack is tilted, presumably to help avoid spilling your coffee or other such open container.

Klein Tools ModBox Tool Box Side Attachments

A magnetic holder can also be spotted in Klein’s TikTok announcement video.

Klein Tools ModBox Cord and Tool Holder Attachments

A cord wrap and vertical tool holder can also be seen in one of their walk-around videos on social media.

Klein Tools has not shared any information other than what you can see in their TikTok and Instagram videos.

How much will it cost?

Where will it be sold?

The Klein Mod Box system looks to have been heavily inspired by several existing modular tool box systems, such as Milwaukee Packout, Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0, and maybe also Flex Stack Pack. Its side attachment accessory system looks to be unique and well-integrated.

It would be awesome if the Klein Mod Box tool boxes and bags were cross-compatible with Milwaukee Packout, but that seems unlikely given how different the cleat patterns are.

What do you think? If you haven’t yet bought into a modular tool storage system, will Klein’s Mod Box win you over?

Thank you to D3t for the heads-up!

Here is Klein’s announcement via TikTok: