Need Some Help with Valuations

Cleaning out my uncles old shop equipment, I'm having difficulty finding a value for some of the equipment I have left to sell. I'm hopeful that the guys here can lend a hand with your experience and expertise?

I have 2 Mico electric pumps, one set up for a 55 gallon drum and one for a smaller 30 gal? Both are 120V and are mounted on standpipes ready to put on a barrel.

I have a cast iron gear oil container with a built in pump, it says ARO on the casting but I can't find anything like it - I've seen these in shops for decades, but can't seem to find anything like it for sale to gauge prices.

I have a foot operated riveter, originally I'm sure it was for riveting brake linings and maybe clutch linings, it's very cool looking!

I'll post up some pics, and I'll have better ones later today.

There are a few other things that I could use help on too.....I'll post them all up in this thread.

I appreciate ideas, thoughts on how to market this stuff all has to go by the end of the month when I lose my storage facility.
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